rm_ze_be_dee 30F
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6/10/2006 12:27 am

finally back from my long know they say theres no place like home,well that true but theres no place like the unknown too.sometimes i just need to walk into a crowd of strangers where nobody knows who the hell i am,what i so,who i hang out with etc.i love that anonymity.
caught up with lots of my sweet buddies overseas and met some new was all good

anyhow,a friend recently updated me on some tammy sex video or whatever.poor girl,but i cant help but feel that she was set up somehow.oh well,i never got about to watching the video,i heard it was quite boring hahah.and whats up with all this no-to-pre-martial-sex issue?! dont get me wrong,i dont think you should go bought fucking every person that comes along,but i think you should never say no completely to'll come back to haunt you and you may just find yourself in a very ironic situation.
to me,a good shag is a good dont go bout preaching and telling kids to say no to something that you yourself do.just tell them to keep themselves safe,thats the most MOST MOST important thing.
there was a fellow who wanted to get with me without a condom,i told him if he cant afford to get one,he cant afford me and he thought i was pretty humorous.but its true.

oh well,my boy has disappeared to..well god knows where!i always wonder what makes his mind tick.there are some guys who are easy to deal with and there are some that are constantly encoded in some weird text.

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