The philosophy of Desire  

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3/20/2006 4:16 am

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The philosophy of Desire

The Philosophy of Desire

Our desires do strange things to us. They are responsible for all that is created and at the same time, without conscious control, lead to a sense of futility. Where to draw the line? What to filter and allow, that manifests greater accomplishment of a meaningful purpose and what to weed out that wastes our resources and generates nothing?

To capture a face, an expression rather than oogle at somebody else's unconscious aesthetic judgement... some things are best experienced, not talked about, not stored in fantastic visual imagery...

To play out an imagination... and participate in creating something new, realising full well that any creation also entails destruction of something else... We are in the throes of a paradigm where we do not want to be restrained anymore. Restrained for what? And the body wants to experience its own share of nirvana!!

It is not something that WAS or WILL BE... it is urgently Here & Now!!!

So why waste grey cells, mouse and keyboard over inane words??

22 Mar 2006, 2.09am,
amidst mosquito bites and cockroaches...

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