Stunning Beautiful Lady  

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4/21/2006 12:25 am

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Stunning Beautiful Lady

Walk up to an attractive woman & say with a smile, "Excuse me, but I could not help to notice you while walking here. Just wanted you to know that you are a stunningly beautiful lady."

Now, wait for a response which, in most cases is a mix of stunned disbelief with blushing and immediate like towards you.

Most of the time this is all you have to say and she will do the next talking & will freely continue the conversation.

By using this technique you may score more numbers and dates than any other way.

Follow up the initial comments about how great she looks and how much you are attracted to her. Then tell her you would love to see her for a drink or a meal & get her number.

It works for the following reasons:

1. It's courageous, and women like men who take risks

2. It's honest and to the point. They know where they stand with you

3. If they are attracted to you, telling them you find them beautiful will free them from their fear of rejection of being attracted to you

4. It makes them feel good about themselves

5. It lets them know you like them. People like those who like them

EroticaXTC 51F

4/21/2006 7:32 am

I have to say, having been the object of such comments, that it really does put a lady on the spot and frequently in an uncomfortable position when she is addressed in such a way. Especially in an age where it pays for all women to be wary. Of course a woman would like to hear that she is beautiful, and some women may not care who they hear it from, but a woman with dignity and grace must reply accordingly...and a beautiful woman with dignity and grace must be selective of who she allows to enter her life...especially if it is a stranger.

03214161628abbas 33M

5/1/2006 6:05 am

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thanks Allah hafiz i have some thing 4 u just scroll below and read some funny texs

Main uski yaad mein ban gaya baraf ka gola
Main uski yaad mein ban gaya baraf ka gola
aur vo boli ki Thanda matlab "Coca Cola"

Yadd Karte hai tumhe tanhai mein,
dil dooba hai gamo ki gehrai mein,
hamein mat dhoonndho duniya ki bher mein,
hum milenge tumhe phir kisi, free SMS ki scheme mein

Chand adhura hai sitaro ke bina,
gulshan adhura hai bahaaro ke bina,
samundar adhura hau kinaro ke bina,
jeena adhura hai tum jaise yaaro ke bina!!!

Kalam uthayi hai lafs nahi milta,
jisko dhoond rahein hain vo shaks nahi milta,
Phirte hain vo zamaane ki talaash mein,
bas humare liye unhe waqt nahi milta !!!

Dil mein umeedo ki shamma jala rakhi hai,
humne apni alag duniya basa rakhi hai,
is umeed ke saath ki aayega SMS aapka,
humne mobile par nazrein jama rakhi hain....

There are 3 Chambers
in my HEART.
1 for PAPA,1 for MAA,
1 for GOD.
oh! wat about u dear?
Sorry no place for u
in my heart........
bcoz frendz like u
are my heartbeat..!

Zindagi behaal hai,
Sur hai naa taal hai,
Msgbox bhi kangal hai,
kya aapki sms factory me hartal hai,
yaar kuch to bhejo ye meri mobile ki zindagi ka sawaal hai.

Between a 1000 yesterdays and a million tomorrows,
there is only one Today and I would not let this day pass without saying..

Aap jaise log kuch khaas lagte hain.
man main har waqt hum ek aas rakhte hai.
najane kab aa jaye aap ka sms
is liye cell ko dil ke paas rakhte hai.

Frndz r like films; some are musical;some r romantic; some r adventurous; some r comedy;and yet others r tragedy; but very few like U, r oscar winning!!

S; Sets u Free.
M; Makes u Special
I; Increases ur Face value
L; Lifts up ur Spirit
E; Erases all ur Tensions &;..So Smile yaar

Qayamat tak tujhe yaad karenge,
Teri har baat par aitbaar karenge,
Tujhe SMS karne ko to nahi kahenge,
Par phir bhi tere SMS ka intezar karenge.

Dil ka Rishta hai hamara,
Dil ke kone me hai Naam tumahra,
Her yaad me hai chehra tumahra,
SMS nahi to kya hua Zindagi bhar saath nibhane ka wada hai hamara

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