the girl next door  

rm_yovonm1 37M
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3/30/2006 9:44 am
the girl next door

met Kim when I was 10 years old and she was all of 8 years old. Our first encounter was a verbal fight. She called me some bad things. As we grew older, Kim and I became close friends. When she was 13, she dated my best friend and that lasted like 5 years. Kim was a very sexual person yet never did we share anything more than a juvenile feel of each other's private parts when we were in our late teens. By the time I was 22 I got married and with it probably lost more golden opportunities to sleep with Kim than I want to think about. Kim, now living with her boyfriend on the other side of town, constantly toyed with me about what I missed out on by not sleeping with her. At the least, she offered up, I would have given you some awesome blowjobs. This only made my desire for her start to increase. I decided to figure a way to at least get her to blow me. After all, today getting a BJ was no longer considered cheating, was it? One night we met up and I brought up the subject of how I wish I had the chance to get a BJ from her before I married. Kim's reply, to my toatl surprise, was to have me pull my car over by this deserted bread factory so she could make my wish come true. What was once a fantasy was about to come true and I was scared to death. I pulled over, Kim told me to drop my pants and within seconds, her mouth was bobbing on my cock like a sweet lollipop. Nothing mattered at that point. She was incredibly good and I doubt if the whole thing lasted 2 minutes before I began to pump my juices into her. To my total surprise, she swallowed every drop, came up and just smiled at me. I was in heaven. Nothing that wonderful had ever happened to me before. Kim sat there and told me she wished we could have fucked instead. I told her I did not think I could ever go that far. She smiled and maybe one day we will. I knew deep down I would never do that but smiled and wallowed in my moment of incredible ecstasy.

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