Stuck in the Day!  

rm_youngwoods 31M
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4/18/2006 1:32 pm
Stuck in the Day!

I find myself in the same situation I was trying to avoid. ANOTHER NIGHT JOB! I know I'm supposed to be relaxing and whatnot during the day, but I wake up full of energy, and am left alone just anxious to do something, yet everyone I know has a normal damn day job. I'm not really a TV person--so it doesn't help when you have over 300 channels, but nothing except lame TV. If there are any other night people left to be aimless wonderers of the day such as myself---lets talk--chill, whatever. Anyone out there with spare day-time? I know I should be doing something constructive,but----no---on second thought I suppose my venting is constructive in the way that I do feel a little better now. Though still very bored.

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