Today was a good day  

rm_young_stud02 34M
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5/21/2006 8:45 pm
Today was a good day

I'm new the blog thing, so here goes ...

Road Head

Road head has got to be one of the best things (besides a threesome) a girl can do for a guy. Car trips are boring! There generally isn't much senery on the interstate, you can never find a good radio station in a new town, and at least I always forget my cd's. Then there's those straight stretches of road which make it even more boring (I-65 to chicago is horrible).

And lets face it, when your in a car by yourself, or with a cute girl what guy doesn't think "man if only I was getting some road head right now". I don't know how to explain it, but having to concentrate of driving and having the your dick sucked is just so amazing. You try not to think about whats going on cause your driving, but then you can't help but feel how good it is.

Then there's the exhibitionist in me who wants someone driving by to look over and see some girl with her head buried in my lap, or have the car behind me see the girl go down and after shes finished see her come back up. Thats just about the best feeling you can have in a moving car. It's kinda like having bragging rights on the road. You might not have the best car, but your definatly having the most fun!

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