Hang ups  

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3/10/2006 3:51 am
Hang ups

I was talking to one of my female friends recently...As an aside, I have very conservative friends whom I constantly shock with my ideas and actions...They are supportive, but they just don't get it.

To them, the natural order of things is...love then marriage then 2.3 kids, white picket fence and the dog and cat then...happily ever after in that order otherwise lightning bolt from the sky...our moms did a good job of keeping us on the straight and narrow, didn't they.

Funny thing was, although I've always liked sex, I've always preferred to sleep with my friends rather than my boyfriends...Don't get me wrong, I am faithful in a relationship, last man standing, got ur back to the bitter end kind of gal - I'm Piscean after all, but I always preferred sleeping with my friends to dating someone...Freud would probably say I have trust issues or something, I don't know.

I did the marriage to high school sweetheart (the most trusted purest love of all) bit , did the 2.3 + pets thing - overrated, but I digress.

So here I am in my "naughty 40s", having a blast, making tons of friends and enjoying whatever life has to offer. And one of my friends...super conservative Christian who is miserable "waiting for Mr. Right" now at 44 (no kids)comes to me bemoaning her fate...so being the good friend that I am, I suggest coming on AdultFriendFinder ( much to her horror).

What I don't understand is and pls feel free to comment in spades...if u r alive, and unhappy and lonely and slowly heading towards the grave...in 40 or so odd years and single and unmarried and HORNY as HELL (she has about 7 dildoes), who the bloody hell are u trying to keep up appearances FOR???

U live miserable, miss having male companionship, are lonely, frustrated and sad...why not come here, meet some of the wonderful guys here, have some fun and some seriously delicious sex and make real friendships that last...and who knows...Mr. Right just may be here as well...u know, doing the try before u buy thing...Anyway, I talked till I was blue in the face...but she wouldnt budge...Her upbringing, u see, wouldnt permit her to do such a thing...

So I have a perfectly wonderful friend who would absolutely benefit from a serious ramming, she's as tight as they come...the suction on that pussy would make u creamm...sorry, I digress...and she prefers to remain miserably lonely just so she can say...to ???who??? that she is not free with her favors....Mind U, she is not getting to dish out any favors... SOMEONE pls help me understand...Maybe I should post this in the Christian FF site...I think people here may relate better to me?? What do u think?

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