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5/14/2006 5:08 pm

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Wow i just read this article a few minutes ago about 3 liner email's, it was pretty interesting, it went both ways on how people should send emails to other memebers, im not sure how to respond to it, i usually send emails to see if someone would at least talk to me. the worst thing im just trying to find out if it's a bot or not, there are some interesting women out there, but i have to say its hard for a guy like me that's an average guy. I know in my self that it took a long time to get my self esteem up but im happy with myself and i like the way things are, i know i have great personality and i have had been told by women that im a romantic, so at least i have that which is cool to me. i hope this gets out there somewhere. as far as the article the reason i put one liner emailer, is because im not sure if the women would write back, i did get a couple to write back and i try to talk them which is cool, i just hope they like me for who i am not just for looks or bigger other things, i know myself that im a good person and treat a woman like a woman and i am a gentlemen that's the military side of me, but if you have questions just ask, just because i write one liner emails doesnt mean i dont know how to talk, i can talk very and im easy going. welp more later, ill write about the movie i just saw....later all and have a great day...

mia175 30F

5/14/2006 6:25 pm

Well you have to understand that if you only write one line or a comment that will get you nowhere i quess a person like my self i would prefer a small note telling me why you want to meet me what is it that u found intresting other than what i have on profile or what you want to do to me treat me like you would like to be treated.

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5/14/2006 6:39 pm

Yeah im starting to get the idea! that seems what is going on right now, i just started to put a little more comments on the emails i just sent, i'm hoping i get a response soon, but this is reason i started i a blog to let people know who i am and what type of personanlity i have. i hope this helps out with women viewing my profile, but it looks like right now im going to try put more comments on the emails i send and go from there, thanks for the comment i hope you had a great weekend..!!

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