rm_xxxrammyxxx 47M
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5/18/2006 10:34 pm

Well went travling today, i went to Downtown Dallas, well oakcliff, which ok, then i got done there, i had to drive all the way back home to get my cell phone. I needed my phone to call my little bro, so i could get some information on the two car haulers we are trying to buy. I hope the deal goes thru, so we can get this racing team ready to travel by next year, this is going to be hell after we wreck the car on the track, i built this engine way to powerful for the track we were at, too much horsepower and we wreck, so im back to the drawing board, so we have another frame we are going to put the body on and probably be ready for next season, i hoping to hit a couple tracks around the DFW area, hopefully when some big money races, whatever comes our way...anyway went down to Haltom City to talk to the trailer guy about the price quote and faxed it to the banker hopefully we will know something tommorrow, if not ill figure something out, Haltom city not a bad place looks peacefull, then drove back home and ate some dinner now im just watching the Texas chat room..woop!!!lol, anyhoo welp back to working on my website, be back later all....hope everyone had a great day, just think TGIF..woot!!anyhoo later all again...i like saying that for some reason....

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