Mission Impossible????  

rm_xxSpecialKxx 47F
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6/25/2006 10:41 pm

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Mission Impossible????

Will we ever really understand how the minds of the opposite sex work?
Can men really understand women?
Can women really understand men?
Some men /women you can so individually yes
Depends on the person
Nope. & i dont think We never will
Yes. All the time
All you need is love
Other Thoughts On this please say in comments thank you x
who cares

xxxtallorderxxx 47M

6/26/2006 2:07 am

Will we ever really understand how the minds of the opposite sex work? Yes, but these things normally take time, experience, and patience for a good analysis.

Can men really understand women? Yes, as long as you use the language us guys understand !

Can women really understand men? Yes, but only our body language, anything else you normally have to ask us for answers.

I've voted "Depends On Person" on all counts, just depends really on how open they are.

goodguysneedit2 57M

6/26/2006 5:12 am

LOL...great questions luffly!

I think we can sometimes relate quite well with the opposite sex....we are all born on the same planet afterall, regardless of mars/venus concepts.

It takes EFFORT from both sides sometimes to make this happen...and men can easily tire of the effort of understanding, particularly if the woman insists upon communicating in cryptic emotional codes, using riddles, small clues, hints, sniffles & tidbits... or if she tries to use the "sneak-up-from-behind" strategy in catching a man offguard by surprising him with the Accusation Of The Day.

Men need to be more in tune with the emotions behind what is being said by a woman--as the truth is in there somewhere; and women need to listen blunty to the words a man uses, without doubting him... (assuming he's not a liar and user)..LOL

I think two people can eventually get it right, and it's a great thing when they do.


eveready06 43M

6/26/2006 2:42 pm

I think that men and women can see from an outside point of view how the minds of the opposite sex work, its just that because (and I generalise) men and women do have certain traits in how their mind works that differ from each other we have a hard time agreeing with each others thought processes!lol! In saying that, those differences can perfectly compliment each other if you find the right person and are prepared to keep an open mind and listen to anothers point of view, really taking it on board rather than just paying lip service to it. Hence why some partnerships really can work to make both parties into better people! lol gettin a bit deep arent I? Dunno whats come over me! SPANGLES BABY! xx

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