random babblings  

rm_xtacybandit 34M
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9/9/2006 9:28 pm
random babblings

Has a woman EVER said "I want/need a cock in me."? For some reason all over the world men out number women in the want/need sex department. What happened to equal rights??? Fuck that that is how it is and always will be! Am I the last sane person in the world or am I just so crazy that it seems that way? How many people are on this website for SEX and that is it? Can there be such a thing as the perfect friends w/benefits relationship , or after a while does it all go down hill anyways? If there is anybody out there who can answer any of there ?'s please help me. If you have any ?'s for me feel free to ask me anything no holds barred. There has to be someone out there with the same ?'s.

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