rm_xtacybandit 34M
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9/6/2006 5:28 pm

assuming someone out there reads these things, here we go again. asses I love these almost as much foreplay (previousBLOG). if you are one of those women out there w/o a big chest but have an ass from here to tomorrow call me... seriously. with me personally I love anal but too much can be a bad thing I like useing it as something to "mix it up" (ha ha yes I actually used those floating marks that people love to use). when you have a woman on her face and ass in the air it is a beautiful sight. sometimes when you get in that rythm and her ass is bouncing you just lean back and let that ass do the work. you may be hearing from me a few times on this subject, being that the sight of a nice ass makes my pants fit even tighter than they already do.

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