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5/22/2006 5:52 pm

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Here's your Title.

An apparition of what I've already seen
somehow he seems to fancy himself
as if there weren't at least a dozen more
male zombie specimens
waiting elsewhere to follow in his footsteps
rendering him null, void and
ultimately expendable.
Steadily I've been
losing people all year,
it's only a matter of time
until I buck him off too.
See, there's this vicious rumour
going around
that I am in need of a white knight,
basted in goodwill,
and slathered in chivalry,
because unwittingly when I said,
"thanks, but no thanks,"
what I really meant was that I wanted a
boy scout --
holding my hand,
helping me cross the street,
and saving me from my own shadow.
That is every girl's dream --
to be wisked away by
Dudley Do-right
on his Canadian Mounty hobby horse,
grinning absently,
like no central nervous system
ever existed in him.
Yes, that has always been what I fantasized about,
to be rescued from my tower;
to be resurrected by a kiss of, "true love"
You know sometimes I wish I could
live the fiary tale reality
of idiotic fantasy,
like Rapunzel
with her long beautiful hair
locked away
in her hollow monolith.
But, to hell with letting my hair down
I'd chop those follicles off --
GI Jane style --
and donate the whole wad to the
lukemia kids next door.
And before some sensetive
medeival messiah
starts throwing rocks at my window,
I'd hire a sniper --
use your imagination for the rest.

But, hopefully,
the skull fragments and
chunks of brain matter
will deter further ambitions
in my direction.
Aeesop should have written fairy tales
like that.
I'd buy them by the handful,
joyous in the knowledge that there's
at least one soul out there
who is content with
an independent
who doesn't have to have, "weak ankles,"
to want to hold his hand.

wildazthing 60M

6/8/2006 9:12 am

The best thing a man could do is set back on the hill side and look to see were your weakness are and then take the time to approach slowly and only giving a glimpse of him now and then just so that you’re aware of his presents. Knowing that you do not need to be saved but that you need to be safe in your comfort zone that is were you can be you. Not to invade it but to penetrate it with out offering a threat to your safety. There may be times when backing off is the best approach to the tower.
Just some thoughts.

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