Sex and Profiles: Can't Be all Things to All People  

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9/27/2005 11:19 am

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Sex and Profiles: Can't Be all Things to All People

No matter how I wrote my profile I realized, I could not produce an ideal piece that would appeal to a wide variety of woman. Then again that should be of no surprise. I would not appeal to a wide variety in the real world, so why would I change that here. If my intent is to meet with a woman in person, then maybe I should give as concise and informative picture of who I am and were we'll be. With that, there are at least two paths to take in a profile. Say the minimum and be inclusive of all prospects or write an extensive one that eliminates all but the ideal persons of interest. Along the way, not unlike a good business plan, one tweaks the wording and ads clauses to better focus their intentions and interests. Or so that is what we would like to believe.

When it comes to Sex, How much do I really want to know someone? Now that is the thorniest of questions I could ask myself on this site. Although I know my ideals regarding sex are not shallow compared to others, on the surface they may not be inclusive of anything else. Am I dodging the bullet when I say I am looking for "Discreet Relations"? Maybe, maybe not. Realistically, that really depends on who I am with and their choice to be with me. I'll be clear about writing my involvement on "this site" because of its nature (at least the way its advertised to men). I would not go looking for a Nun in Hades. Although one could say there may be more than a few "Diamonds in the rough" here. Those kinds of treasures are sure to be too far and in between on a site like this.

Whatever your profile says about you (picture included), the responses you get will be a fair indicator of what your dealing with. Ask yourself. What is your expressed intent? If what your're dealing with is narrow, shallow, and ultimately crude, it may be time to revisit the content of message being transmitted. In the end it should be an ideal reflection of the person you are. It should not be the person you think you are or the person others would want you to be

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