SEX: The Hunger, The Curious, and the Scared  

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6/13/2006 8:11 pm

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SEX: The Hunger, The Curious, and the Scared

Women: Sexual Desire and Wanting

Yes, if you're a member you have at least one of the above. A stronger desire than most maybe. Enough to go through the motions and register. All the reasoning you've made to add the spark to stoke the flame. Every cliche rings out as part of that rationale. "You'll never know if you don't try", "You have to take risks sometimes", or "It wouldn't hurt to try."

For men its more a two bit process. We don't need to rationalize sex. What's to rationalize? About the only thing we rationalize is the cost, and even then the process isn't a steep one.

SEX: The Email, The Chat and Then..

Well you've actually gone through email, some chat and arrived to that point you've emailed or shared a cam. Now your debating arranging a physical meeting.

I've covered this topic before and I feel it's worth brining it up again.

There are fundamental differences between men and woman that assure that a "Sure Thing" will not happen. Boys/Guys/Men have, can, and will always put themselves in harms way.

The same can not be said about girls/ladies/woman. The fact that form many their instincts kick in knowing the aforementioned traits of boys/guys/men, they deduce all the implications of meeting a man under and the unthinkable situations and the circumstances that can result from such a meeting.

To be continued later......

rm_bbw90045 49F
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7/22/2006 1:57 pm

I'm curious for the "continued later" part. I myself struggle with the desire to hook-up with men vs. my safety issues. It's unfortunate, but I've curbed my desires because I feel I've been lucky so far, but the next guy could be a psycho. I know you have legit complaints about this site, but a site that offered confirmation of safe and sane men would be my idea of ecstasy. Oh what a slut I'd be then!

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