SEX and a Change in Heart  

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3/30/2006 3:06 pm

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SEX and a Change in Heart

Why don't you want to meet?

It's not that I don't want to meet. It's a variety of reasons but two very specificaly

Scheduling: Too busy to make realistic schedules to meet. Hours, days, and places to meet are subject to all sorts of changes.

Frustration or Flakes: Unfortunately, much more often than not ladies don't come through. Cold feet, second thoughts, whatever the reasons, planning goes up in smoke.

Rather than push an issue and pursue to ask why, I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie and keep it alive online. I've read the many problems others have written about in the AdultFriendFinder Magazine. It's a real problem of which I don't think there's a solution.

MiaWaterDancer 61F

10/5/2008 4:15 am

xnite ("SEX and a Change in Heart") Up front it deems saying that from what is viewable you look like a hot stud muffin deserving of being properly swallowed.
Your profile is outstanding, I only have a problem with how far apart we live.
I basically fit into your preferences so you show interest as well.
How does this play out?

Like so many of the profiles I am looking at as a Standard member I to feel that within one month I've reviewed each Cupid selection trying to figure out how AdultFriendFinder selects our Cupid friends and some are so completely not belonging to that group
Getting past that we have indicated to the profiler we are thinking we're interested. But what we need to know if we are interested is a photo of your face that is clear, easy to view eye contact. We are looking to get friendly with your Mr. Johnson one day if it's a match , but that HEAD is not on your neck and the one we will be looking to see for all things requiring communications. If a guy won't send a face shot just stalls to thepoint of frustration, it had meant for me everytime he is not a connection, knew at the begining and continued to drag things out for what? Do you guys hiding your faces think you'll get a conversation started and several weeks adown the rode we'll be so in love we couldn't care less you look like Shrek or brutus. Get this part right gentlemen, your face is the place we will be looking to establish intimatcy and if your confident we would look else where if we knew up front it's not going to work then YOU MEN need to stop the false and misleading faceless or vision impaired vsd] photos and be a man, let us decide up front if we're into your looks, dragging things out and making us keep fishing for you is crap. We could stop stringing along false pretenses and maybe have some honest attemps are being looked at for who you really are.

So getting back to you my hard body straight single sexy man your first email back to me if you are interested in me better have your mug shot large and clear enough to see what you look like. xnite ("SEX and a Change in Heart")

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