SEX and The Female Attraction  

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4/7/2006 11:39 am

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SEX and The Female Attraction

Women attracted to Women
Men attracted to Women

I am not sure I understand it but it's very unique. If I see a guy and girl, the guy is just a place holder. Put two girls together and it's magic.

My girl says she is not sexually attracted to other woman but that she has kissed other girls. As a guy that kind of defies some form of sexual logic. As in how do you get to Point B without even thinking about Point A. She calls that a guys "Hump Factor". That one action is mechanical reflex to another action. Or Reactive versus Relational connection. "Relational" as in relating to and Not emotional as it has little or nothing to do with emotion.

She's smart but I feel if I listen to her too much it may kinda lessen or kill my male "Hump Factor". Don't want that.

Her take on girls who see kissing as sexual means are different.

more later......

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