Love of Sex is No Guarantee Part 2  

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9/30/2005 1:08 pm

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Love of Sex is No Guarantee Part 2

Enough time has passed since my very first post. I'll save going into a complete explanation but I knew as I wrote it that it was a little too cryptic. So I thought I would revisit the idea behind of why I wrote it.

I imagine for many people the word "Discreet" in the profile has broad meaning. Throw in the the terms to "Be Discreet", "Use Discretion", and Discreet Relations" and the notions painted get blurred when put into practice. So here in definition is the word Discreet.

1.Marked by, exercising self-restraint in speech and behavior; circumspect.
2. Unobtrusive, Unnoticeable
3.Offering in a most modest, quiet relation, hidden, obscured

So Who Chooses A Discreet Relation
A big myth is that only people in marriages or are currently attached seek discreet relationships. That's really not the case for a large group of people. There are people who have just ended long relationships, people who are long separated and divorced that make up a large part. Some of these also have careers that they have put first combined with other responsibilities. Their timelines and schedules completely fly in the face of maintaining a conventional relationship. Realistically these people still maintain strong sexual drives but have no means to find an outlet or release. Hence a site like this is a god send. People in similar situations can meet within a mutual understanding and express themselves sexually. In theory it is a beautiful concept. In practice it still needs allot of work.

For the reasons already mentioned, a discreet relationship is generally not a meet the family, greet the friends, say hello to the employees kind of arrangement. Most are a mutually enjoyable time, experienced between people which offers both a method of sexual expression. In fact some if not most are very short arrangements or affairs. Also consider that many are not tied to the idea of exclusivity between any one person and it hopefully begins to make more sense. That is not to say that others will not last longer and become more enduring. It is just to say that is not in principle the primary goal.

Whatever the case in understanding, these people more often than not can not carry out the notions or ideals of pursuing conventional relationship.

Hopefully with this people with different expectations can have a better understanding of the scope, purpose, and reasoning behind a discreet relationship.

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