Chapter 6: The Basement  

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6/6/2006 2:19 pm
Chapter 6: The Basement

All day Kristen worked around the house with anervous excitement. She kept thinking about what could be in the basement and why it was so mysterious. She imagined all kinds of dark erotic apparatus and toys, restraints, floggers, vibrators, dildos, etc.

Sitting in her room watching television, evening approached. A knock on her door brought her too attention. "Come in", she said. Bruce entered wearing his usual tight black black jeans and black boots and nothing else. He threw a latex outfit onto her bed.

"Get dressed and meet me at the basement door". This was all he said and he turned and left the room.

She grab the outfit and laid it out on her bed. The outfit consisted of a red, crotchless latex teddy with openings for the nipples. She noticed there were small rings sewn into the outfit in various places, such as the small of the back. A pair of red latex gloves and red latex thigh high boots completed the outfit. A note fell out of the outfit when she opened it. It read, "You are to dress in this outfit. You are not to say one word unless spoken too. You are to wear you hair in a tight pony tail. You are not to play with yourself or keep me waiting."

She undressed from her street clothes. She could feel herself getting wet from the anticipation. She quickly dressed in the outfit and pulled her hair into a tight pony tail.

She walked down the hall and saw Bruce standing by the basement door. She was aware of him watching her walk down the hall. She lowered her eyes and continued to the door. As she approached him he tolder her to turn around. He tied a blindfold over her eyes.

Hearing the click of the lock, the door opened and she was escorted down the stairs and lead into a room. Once inside the room, Bruce command her to drop to her knees. She obeyed quickly.

"Is she ready", a voice from within the rom said.

"Yes", replied Bruce.

She felt her hands being lifted and a set of bands being snapped over her wrists. Her wrists were then locked together. She felt a simmilar set of bands attached to her ankles, one around her waist and a collar on her neck. Seconds later a ball gag was placed into her mouth, stretching her jaw open.

Kristen's arms were lifted up and she heard a small click. She felt a pressure between the cuffs pulling her upward. Her arms were now fully extended above her head and still being pulled upward. She kept being lifted up until she was standing. She felt hands grab both her ankles and spread her legs out as far as they would go while still touching the floor. Two soft clicks locked her legs in place.

She felt so helpless hanging there with her legs spread open and her arms stretched above her. The room was very quiet. It seemed like an eternity hanging here blindfolded and no sound or touch. Then she felt her nipples being squeezed between two clamps. A small chain was clipped between the clamps and a small weight hung from the chain. She could feel her nipples being stretched downward. The pull of the weight and the tug on her nipples was exciting her. She could feel herself getting wet.

Bruce reached between her legs and pressed his plam against her mound. "She's already enjoying this. I think she will work out well for Friday." Her mind raced with thoughts of what Friday would bring. She thought of the blonde girl who was fucked by all those men on her first night here. She thought of the dark hair girl who was cummed on and had to lick up all the cum. Was she going to be one of them? These thoughts just made her more excited.

She was brought to earth quickly as she felt the soft leather strips of a flogger hit her ass. The pain rushed through her body. She squirmed in her bonds and moaned over the gag. The pain quickly turned into a smooth heat on her ass that she found she enjoyed. More smacks quickly followed the first. She kept squirming but couldn't avoid the flogger. She moaned louder and louder over the gag.

The flogging stopped and a hand grabbed her face under the chin. She could tell it was Bruce by the grip and texture of his hand. She could feel his hot breath on her face. "You are enjoying this, aren't you?", he said. Kristen nodded slowly. A soft chuckle came from the room. That's when she realized there was more than just Bruce and his friend. she started to wonder just how many men were in the room.

Bruce walked around her and admired her red shiny ass. He stroked the cheeks. his fingers felt like hot pokers. His touch left her ass and she squirmed backwards only to be met with a hard smack from his hand. Bruce reached between her legs and unzipped the zipper. A finger slide easily into her pussy.

"She is very wet. I think she is ready for the next session."

She felt the locks on her legs loosen. Someones strong handsgripped her behind her knees and lifted her legs into the air. They were thrown over strong shoulders and he held her up with hs hands on her ass. She felt his tongue slide over her pussy lips and she moaned in pleasure. The tongue continued to work its magic on her pussy lips and clit. Nibbling, sucking, stretchingher lips open. Her pussy responded by the lips swelling and more juices running down. She felt like an ocean was between her legs. She couldn'twait until someone stuffer her full of cock.

She felt her ass being spread open and a tongue starting liking her little hole and the area around it. She was moaning with so much pleasure she felt she was close to cumming. Kristen's body started to stiffen. The men realized she was close to cumming and stopped licking her ass and pussy. The hands left her body and her legs fell back to the floor.

They chuckled as they watched the look of anguish cross her face. She was so close to having a huge orgasm. Minutes later she felt a pressure against the opening of her pussy. A thick dildo slide into her, she felt like it wasn't going to end. A minute later she felt her ass being stretched open as a plug was inserted. Her little hole closed tightly around the base locking it into place. Bruce reached between her legs and closed the zipper. The dildo and butt plug were trapped inside her. She felt so full and stretched.

Her hands were released and she dropped down to her knees. The lock on the wrist cuffs was unclipped and each arm was brought down and behind her back. each wrist was clipped to one of the loops on the back of her teddy. Her arms were crossed and locked behind, pushing her small tits out. The clamps were removed from her nipples. The throbbing in her nipples excited her.

Kristen was then lifted off the floor and tilted forward so her body was parallel to the floor. She felt herself being placed into a harness. The straps cut across the top of her chest, under her tits, and across her waist. Her ankles were tied behind her to the straps. Her head hung down, her breasts were pushed out between the straps and her legs were spread wide and tied up behind her. Her pussy and ass was completely open for everyone to see.

The ball gag was undone and removed from her mouth. She panted and moaned for a second before a hand grabbed the base of her ponytail and pulled it up. A cock slapped her face across the cheeks. The tip of it ws rubbed over her lips and she tased the precum. He pulled it away, leaving a small string between her lips and the tip of his cock. She licked up the string.

"She's goingto enjoy this, Bruce.", a voice said.

"Yeah, she does love to swallow cum. But she likes it in the other holes too. You may use her.", Bruce replied.

At that she felt the zipper being undone and the dildo removed. It was quickly replaced by hard cock. His cock wasn't as bg as Bruce's but it felt good, filling her up. The cock began slow deep strokes, torturing her pleasingly. She felt she was always on the verge of an orgasm if he would just fuck her hard.

Before she could think more on this, her mouth was parted and man holding her hair slide his cock in. His cock was long and thin. She felt this one would go all the way down her thoat. He worked her mouth in slow short strokes. Getting the end of it wet with her spit. She licked and worked her tongue over it. Relaxing her throat for the moment she knew he would plunge it in. The man behind her grabbed her hips hard and started fucking her with long hard strokes. Burying his cock in her with every thrust. She felt is balls swing forward and slap her clit everytime. Her body tensed up and she started to have a hard orgasm. He continued to fuck her hard while she came which just drove her higher.

The man behind her fucked her faster and harder. She couldn't help but bob her head on the cock in her mouth with longer and deeper strokes. She could feel the tip pressing against the back of her throat with every thrust into her pussy. The man behind slowed downed and pulled all but the tip of his cock out. She could feel his cock spasm and as unloaded into her. Her pussy twitched from the ot sperm filling her.

He removed his cock. Because she had paused while sucking on the other guy's cock, he used her ponytail to force her up and down on his cock.

"Clean her", she heard Bruce order. Within a second she felt a soft tongue licking her pussy. Each stroke cleaned up some of the cum. Within a minuteshe felt the tongue being worked into her. Soft lips pressed against her pussy lips. Shock went through her as she realized it was a girl eating the cum out of her pussy. The intense feeling quickly overrode the shock.

She didn't have to much time to think about as the cock in her mouth was now pressing into ther throat. It reach deep into her, making her gag. She resisted the urge and relaxed her throat some more to take it all. The guy only lasted a few strokes before he pulled his cock out. "Keep your mouth open", he ordered. She opened her mouth wide and felt the first few drops of his hot cum hit face. Seconds later, huge wads of sperm was landing on her tongue. She worked to keep it all in her mouthand on her tongue. The cum was hot and salty. "Swallow it", he ordered. She closed her mouth and swallowed. Feeling the warm sticky goo slide down her throat.

During ths time, the girl had finished cleaning her pussy and left. She hung there for what seemed like hours. Small orgasms still wracking her body as she slowly swung in the harness.

"Thank you gentlemen for service.", She heard Bruce say. "I will finish up from here."

"Come on bitch", she heard one man say. "Yes, master", the soft reply followed. Kristen wondered if that was the dark haired girl or the blonde from the party, or was it a different girl altogether being traind as she was.

Once the door closed, she felt the blindfold from her being removed. "Did you enjoy that?", Bruce asked. "Yes, master", Kristen replied. "Good. For that I will reward you."

She looked around the dark room. She saw various floggers and whips, restraints and other devices she wondered the use for. She saw a large leather wheel with straps all over it. A large 'X' covered with leather and padding, and a small machine with a some sort of metal wheel and rods attached to it. On one wall, all sorts of vibrators, dildos and plugs adorned it.

She wondered what her reward was going to be, when she suddenly felt Bruce's cock slide into her mouth. He was hard as a rock and felt bigger than he's been before. He worked his cock int her mouth with slow short strokes. The head going deeper with each stroke until the tip was pressing againstthe back of her mouth. She wondered if he was going to fit, her mouth fet so stretched. She knew he was going to make it fit anyway, so she relaxed her throat s much as she could.

After a few minutes of his pumping, she felt the skin of his stomach touching her nose. His cock was deep in her throat but she knew it was almost all the way in. A few strokes later she fel the base of his cock press against her lips and her nose press into his stomach. She felt a metal ring embedded in his shaft. She thought, so that was why he was so big, he has his cock ring on. He grabbed the sides of her face over her ears and starting fucking her mouth. Within a few minutes he pulled out, leaving just the tip in. She worked her tongue over it and sucked hard. She knew he liked that. Within seconds she was rewarded with a huge load of cum. She swallowed hungrily, making sure to please him well.

He pulled out of her mouth and lifted her face up by his hand under her chin. "Very good", he smiled. He kissed her on the lips, sliding his tongue over hers. She smiled back. She noticed his cock was stil hard as anything. He spun her arround on the harness.

Before she could even gasp from the spin, he entered her pussy from behind. His strong hands grabbed her hips and used her roughly. He pounded her pussy with long hard strokes. His balls hit her clit hard with every thrust. She screamed with pleasure and a mixture of pain, but this only urged him on to fuck her even harder. He reached up and grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back. She continued to maon loudly witheach hard thrust. Her body shook with orgasm after orgasm. She could her the loud squishy sounds and his cock tore into her dripping pussy. Kristen thought, 'I've never cummed so hard or so much in my life'.

The relentless pounding starting making her heady with pleasure. She thought about the saying, 'fuck her brains out', and realized it was true. Her thoughts were a mess, she could only think about the hard cock pounding her and the orgasms tearing through her. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the hot wetness of his cum in deep in her pussy. Sometime during the hard fucking, Bruce had removed the plug from her ass.

Without a pause after he unleashed his load, she felt his cock splitting her ass open. Even though her ass had been stretched by the plug, the feeling of his hard cock stretching her open, caused her to scream out with pain. He kept sliding it in until the full length was inside her. Slowly the pain mixed with pleasure and soon to pure pleasure as he slide his cock in and out. Kristen loved the feeling of her ass being stuff with hs huge cock.

Within a few minutes, Bruce pumped another load into her ass. This time she could feel his cock losing his hardness. He left it inside her until it got soft. Trapping his hot cum. When he pulled his cock out, she could feel the cum dripping out of her ass and pussy.

He cleaned up her pussy and ass with a towel, untied her legs and got her out of the harness. Kristen smiled up at Bruce and said, "I live to serve you, Master". Bruce smiled back. Kristen's legs were so weak from all the fucking, she fell right to the floor. Bruce scooped her up and carried her out of the basement up to her room. He laid her on the bed and said "Good night. The next few days are yours. I must prepare for this Friday."

Half conscious she heard him leave the room. She roll over on her bed, smiling she fell asleep.

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