Chapter 4: The Party  

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Chapter 4: The Party

She awoke the next morning, took a shower got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and headed down to the kitchen to get something to eat. The shock of her new job and the place she was staying still had an effect on her. She wondered what exactly he was going to have her doing, he did mention something about being a maid and assistant.

Entering the kitchen, she sees him sitting at the counter eating a couple eggs, some canadian bacon, and some weird creamy looking shake. It was then she noticed he was sitting there with no shirt. He had a good solid body, thick arms, wide back, ripped abs and a heavy chest. She hadn't noticed it before because of the clothes he had on.

He smiled at her mischeviously, "You alright?"

She realized she was staring, "Oh sorry, still not fully awake."

"You want me to make you something?"


He moved into the kitchen. She stared at his ass and noticed he was wearing lycra biking shorts. His legs were knots of muscles and smooth. She noticed his whole body was smooth. She normally liked guys with hair, but somehow the hairless body was turning her on. A few minutes later, he dropped a plate with 2 scrambled eggs, with onions, peppers, celery and tomatoes mixed in and that weird shake.

"Eat up. It'll give you energy. I'm going to show you around and what needs to be done during the week. And where to make my appointments and take my calls."

He sits down across from her and finishes off his breakfast. After that they walk out to the enclosed pool area.

"This area is maintained by Stevens Pool Company. They have a card to get into the side area, but not the code to get into the house. When I am not here the only way into the house is through access codes. There are also access codes on the rooms that are off limits. Not the same ones of course. The code for the house is 'ranger'."

"Ok", she smiled.

He continued through the house, showing her what needs to be done and other things. Finally he showed her the office, how to use the computer appointment, voice mail system and online schedule.

"Got all that?"

"I think so", she replied.

"Don't worry, I'll be around this week, so if you have questions just ask. The day is yours, have a blast. I have some planning to do for a party I am having this Friday."

"Oh by the way", he asked.

"Yes", she replied.

"Would you mind either going out, or staying in your room Friday evening. My parties are private and the people usually wish to remain anynomous."

"Sure, I'll hang in my room. I have nowhere else to go and I can catch up on my studies."

"Thanks a bunch."

The week passed by, she managed to handle the house, the calls, and get her studies done. She found she was actually able to concentrate better on her studies. But as Friday neared, she began to wonder what kind of party he was having. She imagined it was some type of eccentric sex party or huge orgy.

Friday came, and she was asked to greet the guests at the door, take their coats and place them in the foyer closet and show them to the large living room. The first guests arrived, two good looking gentlemen wearing masks. She took their jackets and showed them to the living room. More guests arrived, she noticed all of these were men. So far 9 in total. She started to wonder if he was gay. She shuddered at the though.

Finally the last guest arrived, this was tall gentlemen with two beautiful slender women behind him. She noticed they were not masked and had collars around their necks. She felt a twinge of excitement between her thighs. One women had shoulder length blonde hair and tan skin, the other had long black hair tied in a strict pony tail and very creamy white skin. They stepped inside and she took the gentlemen's coat. She then took the girls coats and noticed they were wearing only thigh high black latex boots with 5" heels and nothing else. The blonde girl had nice large firm breasts with large nipples and shaved between her legs. The black haired girl had perky breasts with hard little nipples. She herself getting wet at the though of them being slaves. She wished she was one of them.

Bruce shwoed up a few seconds later, "Ah, the entertainment has arrived. Head on into the room. We'll begin shortly." He bowed to the gentlemen. Turning to her he said, "Ok, if you don't mind, the night is yours, but please stay in your room." He smiled gently.

She went to her room and started imaging all kinds of scenes they could be doing. 12 guys and 2 girls. She started getting real wet, 12 hard cocks and only 6 holes.

After a few hours of playing with herself, watching tv, it was late into the night. She figured the party must be over by now. She opened up her door and sounds of talking and sex drifted up. She quietly walked down the dark hall. The living room was dark, but she could see a single light pointed into the center of the room. She crept up to the railing and cautiously looked over.

She saw the blonde girl on her knees with 3 guys around her. She had a cock in her mouth which she was sucking hard and a cock in each hand. She noticed the black haired girl on her knees, ass on heels, hands between her legs and head down. No one was around her. She looked around the living room and saw Bruce sitting on the sofa watching the action.

He was completely naked, even his balls were completely shaved. She wondered what it would be like to lick them, suck them into her mouth.

The blonde girl was being lead to the leather table she first saw when she came to the house. She was placed on her back, her legs spread open. One guy positioned himself between her legs and slide his cock into her. She noticed all the guys were well hung. THe smallest cock was around 8" and still pretty thick. She heard the blonde start to moan loudly, but this was muffled as a cock was placed into her mouth. Both men starting fucking her. Two other guys approached and wrapped her hands around their shafts. She started stroking them.

She continued to watch as the guys took their turns fucking her pussy or fucking her mouth or getting jerked off. Those guys which were not doing anything watched while slowly stroking themselves.

All this fucking was amking her very wet. She reach under her nightgown and starting to play with her clit. Her fingers slide easily between the soaking wet lips. She slipped a couple inside and then sucked them clean. She loved the taste. She went back to watching the scene.

This time the blonde was straddling one guy, while sucking another and stroking 2 others. Another guy lined up behind her and slowly slide his cock up her ass. She could the look of pure ecstacy on the blonde's face as she had all her holes filled. The guy in her ass fucked her harder and harder. He slammed into her hard once, pulled out then jerked off all over her back. He shot a huge load of cum right up her spine.

The black haired girl, quickly got up and went over to the blonde girl. She immediately began licking up the cum off the blonde's back. Cleaning up every drop. She then licked the guy's cock clean. He walked off to the shadow's and she went back to her spot.

The black haired girl continued this process, whether it was the guy cumming on the blonde girl's face, mouth, tits or in her pussy. She cleaned up the cum and the guys cock when they were done.

She was so excited now, she could feel the pussy juice dripping down her thighs. She looked around the room for Bruce, but then noticed he was not on the couch anymore. She couldn't find him anywhere in the room. She started to panic, she wasn't supposed to be out of her room.

Just then she heard a noise behind her. She froze. "Enjoying the show?"

She slowly turned around and found Bruce standing there, arms crossed and an evil smile on his face. She noticed his cock was sticking straight out, very hard, very thick, very veiny.

"Sorry, I know I shouldn't have left the room. I thought the party was over."

"It's ok, I figured you liked the eccentric and couldn't keep your curiousity down either. Do you enjoy the show?"

"Oh yes, it's very hot."

"Maybe one day, you could be down there."

She smiled.

"But in the meantime, you do need to be punished for disobeying."

He turned her around so she was leaning over the railing. He pulled her nightgown off. The people down below could see her if they looked up, but they were too busy fucking the blonde. She bent over the railing, her tits haing down. Her nipples getting very hard at the thought of being punished. She feels his hand spread her ass open and then feels his tongue working around her pussy lips.

"I guess you do like the show."

He stood up and slide a couple of fingers in her. He slides them in and out, stretching open her pussy. They move easily with all the wetness. She then feels his tongue on her back door. She feels it getting wetter and wetter. She begins to relax and the opening slowly loosens. His tongue slides in a bit. She feels a finger of his slide into her ass. He fucks her ass and pussy with her fingers. She gets more and more excited.

He slides all his fingers out and steps back. She turns around and realizes what he wants her to do. She quickly drops to her knees and begins licking his cock. She licks his balls and sucks them into her mouth. It's so erotic feeling the smooth ball sac against her tongue. She takes his shaft into her mouth. Slowly at first, working a bit at a time into her mouth. It was too slow for him. She felt the back of his hand on her hand pushing her down onto his cock harder. She gagged a bit, but eventually took his entire length into her mouth. She could feel her throat stretching. She sucked him hard, using her tongue as much as possible to tickle the underside of the shaft.

She felt his cock tense up and prepared to receive a load of cum in her throat, but instead he pulled out. He proceeded to jerk off with the tip of his cock right on the tip of her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out far. She didn't want to miss a drop. He grunted and shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. She almost choked on the amount. She kept her mouth open until he finished. He smiled down at her. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all.

"You're not done"

She noticed his cock hadn't dropped at all. He lifted her up, turned her over the railing and slide his cock right into her pussy. He started fucking her hard. Pulling the the length out all the way and slamming it back in. She'd never been fucked this hard before. She loved it. She noticed the people below had looked up and were smiling. The black haired girl was getting fucked in her pussy and ass. Both girls were now covered in cum. Those guys not fucking the girls were jerking off on them until they came.

Bruce continued to fuck her hard. He suddenly stopped and pulled out his cock. She moaned as it withdrew. But then she felt it press against her little hole. She didn't think she could take it back there. He was relentless and pushed on. At first it hurt, but after a few strokes it turned to pleasure. She'd never had a cock in her ass before. She loved it. She started o imagine herself down below, a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy and one in her ass. All fucking her. Bruce fucked her ass, like he fucked her pussy, with long, deep, forceful strokes. Finally he grabbed her hips, slammed his cock deep and unloaded yet another load of cum. She could feel it deep inside her. She came herself, a wet dripping orgasm. She could feel it running down her thighs.

He pulled his cock out of her ass. She straightened up. He smiled and said "Good night, I will see you in the morning."

With that he walked off down the dark hallway. She walked towards her bedroom, she could feel the cum in her ass working it's way down. She loved it. She had been taken and forcefully used. She fell asleep that night dreaming up different scenarios in which she was a slave to his and his friends every desire.

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