Chapter 3: Job Interview  

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Chapter 3: Job Interview

Kristen awoke early Saturday morning, to a crisp but dark cloudy day. She hoped this wasn't an omen to what was going to happen at the interview today. Pondering over what to wear, she throws outfit after outfit onto the bed. She was looking for something that was professional looking, but also said take me and fuck me now, hard.

She picked out a smooth, black leather skirt, that came just short of her knees, but hugged her hips invitingly, and light beige blouse where you can just barely see her lace white bra. She buttons the blouse up, leaving just enough open to see the top of her cleavage, a pair of short heeled leather shoes on her feet. She looked herself over in the mirror and thought she looked pretty good, business-like, but desirable.

She looked at the directions he gave her and thought, 'wow, this is in a really good part of the town'. Starting up her little Taurus, she pulls out of the apartment parking lot and heads up north. She starts to get nervous, thinking about 'what if she doesn't get this job' and 'how is she going to make ends meet, finish school, get a decent job that'll cover the bills'. Her mind wanders over all of these scenarios as she pulls into the neighborhood of his. Looking around she notices all the homes are spaced apart from each other, giving lots of privacy, and they were all big.

She finds the one she is looking for and starts to pull into the driveway. The house is large and sprawling, a long driveway ahead of her gives her plenty of time to look. She notices the trees and shrubs surround the property are high, enclosing it all in as one beautiful garden. Flowers and trees line the driveway. She pulls into a spot at the end of the driveway and gets out. Just as she starts walking up the walkway to the front door it opens.

"Welcome to my home, my name is Bruce in case you have forgotten." he said with a big smile. She can tell scanning her body, taking in all the details. She slows her breathing and replies, "Thank you, I'm Kristen.". He motions her inside. Stepping into the foyer, she notices a large staircase heading up and a long open walkway heading across the main room.

"Beautiful home you have", said Kristen.

"Thanks, let me show you around." He takes her through the main hall and into the kitchen area. The kitchen was larger than her apartment, with every appliance you can think. "This is my kitchen. I spend alot of time here. I love to eat and cook." He then lead her into the living room. The large spacious room had a few leather couches, some leather recliners and large strange table in the middle. The table was all red leather top, slightly padded with various eyelets all over it. They continue on down into the den. The den was cozy, dark paneling, a warm tan carpet, a fireplace, many books covering the walls. A large screen TV in the corner with all types of stereo and video components in the wall units next to it.

He then took her down the other wing. "This is where the bedrooms are located." He points to another small hallway off the main. They walk down it a bit and he points to a room, "This will be your room, if you choose to take the job." She looks around the large room. It had a large screen TV, cable, DVD, and a stereo system. A computer table and computer were in one corner, a small refrigerator and a large four poster bed dominated the room. Sheer drapes hung from the rails, covering the edges of the bed. "Wow, this is all beautiful. So you saying the job is mine?"

"If you want it." he replied. "The job entails, keeping the house clean, going grocery shopping, taking my calls, discretion is an absolute must. The pool is maintained by a service, along with the hot tubs."

"You have a pool and hot tubs?"

"Oh yes, I forgot to show you those."

As they walked back to the main hall, she asked where his bedroom was. He replied it was down the main hall, but that, the basement and his office were the only places she was not to clean or go into. She agreed. He brought her into the kitchen and into the dining area. One wall was completely glass and looked out into the indoor pool area. She noticed the hot tubs at the end of the pool. One could jump from the hot tub straight into the pool.

"Now I do entertain on weekends. I would appreciate it if you remain within your room on weekend nights, or I can give you some money so you can enjoy an evening out. But when you return, please go straight to your room. My parties are a bit eccentric and not for the average person."

She replied, "I love strange and new things."

He looked at her sideways and replied, "Do you now?"

She smiled back at him, blushing hard.

"Well, do you want the job?"

"Yes", she replied.

"Well let's go get your things and you can move in right away."


They went down to the garage and climbed into his Avalanche. She marveled at the size of the truck and how room it had. They drove back to her apartment and went in. He looked around the apartment while she went into the bedroom and changed. She came back out wearing a tight pair of jeans and sweatshirt and sneakers. He told her to leave any furniture that she was not attached too. He'd replace it all. They packed the living room and her kitchen. This did not take long, since she didn't have much stuff and most of it was going to stay anyway.

They then went in to pack the bedroom. While she was packing the bathroom stuff, it dawned on her all her toys in the drawers and her outfits in the dark corner of the closet. Panicking she came out of the bathroom real quick, only to find her outfits spread on the bed and her toys right next to them.

"I guess you do like the bizarre" he said as he scanned over her latex teddy, thigh high latex boots and gloves. Her black leather boots and gloves, and slave outfit. He reach down and picked up her favorite dildo. This one was motorized with little balls under the latex, mid-shaft, that spun around, while the tip twisted around too. It had a small prong that came off the worked the clit at the same time. She blushed real hard. He just smiled and said, "I bet this one is your favorite."

She smiled sheepishly.

They packed all her outfits, her toys and the rest of the bedroom and headed back into the truck. They unloaded it all into her room.

"I have some small business I have to take care of. I'll be back in a couple of hours. The house is yours, just remember which areas are off limits."

"I will" she replied. With that he shut the door and left. She sat down on the edge of her bed, thinking how embarrassed she was that he found the toys and outfits, but also how exciting. She began to imagine her wearing her leather boots, the gloves and nothing else. A collar on her neck and him holding the leash. She can feel herself growing warm between her legs. She lays back on the bed, undoes her jeans and slides them down a bit. She starts to play with her pussy, sliding along the lips, working the moisture all over. She pulls her pants off and spreads her creamy white thighs open. Allowing her to really get into it.

She imagines herself in her boots, gloves and a collar with a leash. He is wearing tight black jeans and nothing else. He pulls on the leash and commands her to kneel in front of him. She obeys quickly, placing her hands between her knees with her head down. He strokes the top of her head, then grabs the pony tail, pulling her head back and her face up. He commands her to unzip his jeans and take out his cock. She obeys, working the zipper down. Placing one hand inside, she slows pulls the shaft through the opening of the jeans and then places her hands between her knees. He grabs his cock and rubs the head over her lips. She can smell the heady aroma of body. Her lips part slightly and she can taste the droplet of precum. She sees he is getting harder. He rubs the head over her cheeks, along her jaw. He tells her to stick out her tongue. He rubs the head over her tongue, the shaft and then back to the head.

Her pussy is quite wet, as she slides a couple fingers in and slowly fucks herself while working her clit with the other hand.

He commands her to take off his jeans. She immediately obeys. Sliding her hands down each thigh as she takes off his pants. The smooth bare skin and taut muscles underneath turn her on. Her pushes on the back of her head, lifts the shaft of his cock and moves his balls near her mouth. Suck them, he commands. She works her tongue over the smooth shaved balls. She savors the taste of his skin. She takes one in her mouth and works her tongue over it, making it nice and wet. She takes the other in her mouth and does the same.

She can feel his shaft getting harder. He pulls her head back and lets his cock drop, hitting her in the face. She gasps a bit at the size of it. She's never seen one that big, it must be over 8 inches she thought. She opens her mouth and he slides the cock in. It stretches open her mouth as he pushes the shaft in. She can feel the head pushing into her throat. She gags a bit but quickly recovers. She wants him to use her. She wants to taste his cum.

He puts both his hands on the sides of her face and starts to pump. Herr cheeks sucking in and out with his shaft. After a few minutes of fucking her face, he orders her to kneel and lay forward, ass high in the air. She leans forward, sliding her arms out until her chest is just touching the floor, her hands are far in front of her and her face is against the floor. She arches her back down so her ass and pussy are well exposed.

She reaches over and grabs her favorite dildo. She slides it into her pussy and starts fucking herself furiously. Her dream making her wetter than she's been in a long time. She can feel a good orgasm building.

He moves behind her and massages her pussy with his hand. He loves how wet she is and how much he has control. He stands behind her and squats down a bit. Moving the tip of his cock to her pussy. He rubs the tip up and down the lips, they part open on their, wanting to encircle the cock, to feel it plunging between them. He slides the cock into her, agonizingly slow. She feels it stretch her like she's never been stretched, filling her. Finally she feels his body pressing against her ass, his cock fully inside her. She loves the fulfilled feeling, it stretching her insides.

He begins with slow, long, deep strokes, She immediately begins to moan with each thrust. Over time he builds up the speed, changing the angle at which his cock enters by moving his position slightly. He slowly builds up until he is pounding her hard, she can feel her face and arms slide on the floor as he fucks her mercilessly. She cums hard, she can feel her juices squirt from within an cover his shaft. The sound of her wetness making loud slapping and slurping sounds as he pounds her.

She builds quickly to yet another orgasm. She starts to feel weak from all the little orgasms. He finally pulls out of her, and she sighs. He orders her to clean his cock. She quickly gets on her knees and starts licking her own juices off the shaft. Once that was done, she starting sucking, taking as much as she can in her mouth. She sucked hard, with long strokes. She could feel his cock hardening, his balls tightening, she knew he was going to blow and she was going to take it all like a good slave.

She felt the first gush of sperm in her mouth and almost choked from the quantity. Some escaped from the corners of her mouth but she concentrated on swallowing all the rest. He tasted salty and warm. She gobbled up everything and then start feeling his cock shrinking in her mouth. She let it fall out and licked it clean. Then cleaned the cum from her face and swallowed that too. He pat her on the head and smiled. Good dog. You may rest now.

She slammed her feet down on the bed, hips arching high, slamming the dildo as deep into her as she could then pulling it out fast. She felt herself squirt a large amount of cum. It got everywhere, but she didn't care. She fell back on the bed and fell asleep.

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