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2/5/2006 5:16 pm

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hey guys!!! i just got back from corpus...and guess what?!!!! luck! the drive there was sooooooo long and boring. anyways i played that game "would you do her" you know where girls drive by and you say if youd do them or not...they were all ugly so no i didnt want to do any of them if youre wondering. also,...i was drunk at 10 that morning. we all were exept for our drivers. being drunk made it a way more interesting ride. so we finally got there, i saw dolphins for the first time when we got on the ferry. it was the coolest thing ever...i teared up and felt like a dork. we got to where we were camping out and got all drunk again. then we all stripped down and ran into the freezing ass water...its so cold!!!! but it was gorgeous! after a while avis our friend broke out the guitar and we all sang and acted crazy...hes the bomb. so the college band girls casey and stacy came with us. theyre way cool. you know the band girls on american pie??? well casey and stacy prove its no myth. ha ha, gotta watch out for those chicks. anyways i decided last night would be a good night for me and jeff to use for us having a good time together. we had a lot of fun together and got to watch the sunrise. it was a good time for us to spend quality time together. sorry to dissapoint all you people though! im sure youd understand that there will be other and better times for all that other stuff. okay buh bye!

oh! i forgot to tell you! me and jeff had hot steamy sex on the beach...and im not talkin about the drink!

santiaguisimo 41M

2/11/2006 3:14 am

What's up sweetie? i hope my blog didn't scare you...i'm actually quite a nice, cool, laid back guy who really enjoys sex and i must admit am slightly obsessed with anal, as you might have noticed in my blog. I'm not sure what it is about your writing, or the questions you asked in the magazine, but I really do think we would have a good laugh if we were to hang out. i know you've got your boyfriend Jeff, I totally respect that. I've got my girlfriend, Florence, who is such a sweetie too. But I thought that we could try and establish a cyber friendship just to make eachother laugh and tell each other secrets. We probably won't ever meet in real life, as you live in Texas and I live in Spain, but it would be fun. I'm trying to think of a way to demonstrate to you I'm not some freak or dirty man trying to woo you into doing dirty things for me. No, no, that's not me. Let me know what you think, ok?

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