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rm_x7inch 55M
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7/24/2006 2:30 pm

REAL LOVE - it's quite impossible to imagine before you experience it.

True love don't die because of distance or time, but it may fall asleep waiting for a better opportunity...

I would say that --when you are prepared to leave everything and give everything for another - it's real love!
My first experience of that was at the age of 43 and it was the most fantastic feeling in my entire life....

I had a really fantastic experience this spring.

I had been alone 4 years because it was hard to find someone that attracted me intellectual and sexual and was free -- 3 things that feels crucial to me! We had a fantastic month but she had already decided to live alone, and now we are friends.

Yes, it was a fantastic woman and she said to me --You are going to find a woman even more fantastic than me, so I can't keep you.--
At that time I thought it was impossible and yes, I was crying..
Now I think it`s possible.... waiting for someone to convince me about that....

- That's it

The brightest memories of my entire life, at the age of 43, my first true love....

I have been a little jealous at my parents who found each other at the age about 20 and still are happy together 45 years later.....

many HUGs from Lennart
especially to those nice fantastic women I`m convinced exist out there....

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