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7/8/2006 3:26 pm

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Unga kvinnor i genomskinliga blusar tror att de kan vinna striden mot det motsatta könet med sina båda batterier. Alla artilleriexperter kan emellertid tala om för dem att okamouflerade pjäser är strategiskt värdelösa ‒ James Stewart

Young women in see-trough shirts think they can win the fight against the opposite sex with their two batteries. However, all artillery experts can tell them that pieces without camouflage are strategically worthless. - James Stewart

Got a visit this evening by the woman I have loved more than any other. She told me that she now have really fallen in love with a man - not me.
I feel glad for her. And it gives me a calm feeling - now I know that I don't do anything wrong when I search for a new relation.
I really hope it's possible to find a woman that can attract me as much as she could.

The only one I have seen until now that possibly could be that fantastic is R........ - yes if you are that lady I think you figure out who I think about. In that case, your new eating attracts me too....

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7/20/2006 8:54 am

Misunderstand me right.....

I really like to look at sexy and naked women -but I don`t fall if there is nothing more......

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