Yes,No,Maybe,answer to all my prayers  

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12/2/2005 10:37 am

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Yes,No,Maybe,answer to all my prayers

There I was,end of a perfect day.Sunset down on Lahainas'infamous Front St.seawall.Relaxing in one of the concrete benches along it's stroll when one of the local ICE HEADS suddenly lurches out of nowhere and plunges a chopstick into my right eye,snapping it off about 3/4's of the way on it's path to my right frontal hemisphere of my brain,lodging it there with no way to grasp onto it to pull it out.As you can imagine,this was not only painful but extremely rude.Falling to a fetal position I was forced to push my eye into it's socket so I might grab ahold of the chopstick and extract it from my eye.I'll spare you the gory details.So I'm rushed to ER and into surgery to stop the rather radical hemorraging in my brain.3 days later the surgeon visits my bedside to inform me of his dumb-foundedness at the apparent marval of not only a miraculous near-miss and undamaged eye,not withstanding months of healing,none the less,but the mere fact I survived at all.Subsequent follow up visits to his office he explains the sheer force and location of the (aggressive intrusion)alone should have killed me,yet he can find nothing wrong.I assured him I understood and was about to bounce out of his office when he has me sit back down for the bad news.Seems I had late stage Hep C and another rare liver disease called Porphyria Cutaneous Tarda.The Porphyria causing the skin to thin to the point that it overdoses with Histamines to counter this retardation,causing massive water blisters to surface in an attempt to create a buffer.Being photosensitive as well,I'm now instructed to dress like Dr.Moroe in the movie.Hawaii and I can't go out in the sun!!!!Anyway,I undertake a regimen of enterferon for the Hep and have to have a pint of blood drained each week indefinately for the Porphyria.5 months into treatment I'm informed I have Myelofibrosis,a rare and incurrable form of bone marrow Doc decides 4x's the standard dose of enterferon and and continued Phlybotomies(LEACHING)would soon have me right as rain.After 13months of this torture,GOOD NEWS,the Hep and Porphyria are totally eradicated,but,during all of this it is necessary to implant a stint directly accessing my heart to take the place of all my non-existant viens they managed to collapse while sucking me dry all these months.Well,the first stint lasted 5months before contracting staff which is racing to my heart,back to ER and a replacement stint is now inserted sobcutaneously,much like a pacemaker,and I'm again set to go.All this matter of factly,causes accute anemia so I live on Procrit(bone marrow enhancer)which also happens to increase the side effects of the Myelofibrosis.About this time I'm thinking....guinea pig when they decide to inform me of their success at smiting the liver diseases.So,here it is,13months endured only to find out that I have only 40% of my bonemarrow.6mos.of subsequent treatment with steroids and Thalidomide(caused all the flipper babies in the 50's)1,400$$$$a week at your expense of this new and improved theory.Whew!!!Now I get to have chemo....which doesn't work on this exotic form of marrow cancer anyway but it will keep my spleen from rupturing since it has taken over the job of making blood where my marrow has failed to do so.Oh,lest I forget,they also nabbed my galbladder during this phase of the experiment.The marrow is busy making scare tissue and fiber instead of healthy blood cells due to the Procrit,friendly fire,or some lame excuse for their favorite test case.So all is quiet on the front til last month when they have to remove my spleen which has grown from 7ounces to just under I am today,3years after this all began having taken a licking an still ticking,living on Procrit once again and weekly transfussions.I'm tired.But still full of spunk.I have no delusions of finding that perfect match as such,but that really isn't a big concern anyway.What's the point of all this?Why do I bother you with my woes?Point being,we don't get to bail off this rock til we do!Suppose I just thought,maybe,just maybe,if this helps to give just one lonely soul out there insentive to keep on trucking,well,then all this has been worthwhile.So,hope it did in deed....TaTa for now and thanks for dropping by!Dennis

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12/2/2005 11:11 am

Dennis....dear Lord! As a nurse, I can more than imagine the horrors you have been through. What a sweet heart you must have to write this in the hopes that it reaches one soul who needs it. And you are right....when it is our time, it is our time. And until happy!

The most precious possession that ever comes
To a man in this world
Is a woman's heart.
~Josiah G. Holland

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