Why do men do that???  

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6/7/2006 1:22 pm

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6/26/2006 2:10 pm

Why do men do that???

Why is it when you are camming on here and you don't answer someone you are suddenly a bitch? And the worst is when a man says "Well then f*ck you too." Have you ever thought that I may be busy?? Or that you just aren't my type? I have it clearly marked on my profile that I'm not interested in men over 45. Some just don't get it I guess.

And if you really want to chat with me don't start off with "I wanna fill that pussy up with my cum and lick it all up." Some of us just like to show..not necessarily chat.

Ok...I'm done now. Sorry.


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6/26/2006 10:30 am

Yea this coming from a guys point of view. I went in to the camming chat rooms and its really hard for a girl to see whose for real and whose just trying to get a free show to their rocks off and those who are actually interested in the person/persons outside of what they are willing to show/not show on camera. And the guys who get angry when you don't respond?? Its the chicks choice. If she's not interested move on buddy there's no reason for anger. And the "I want to ram my cock in your ass" comments have got to go to. I just really feel that there are really a bunch of genuine guys on here that get over looked because of old or just ignorant guys who are so eager to cum they'd whip out at a nice reseraunt if they thought a girl might accedentally brush against it. Sorry for the bitching but seeing your blog made me think of how frustrated I get at awful jackasses bringing down womens view of men in general!!! Godd luck and have fun, just remember guys just cause you have one doesn't mean you have to be one too!!!!!!

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