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6/17/2005 5:04 pm

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This website.


I came upon this Website by accident. I have been here for at least 3 months or better. It is entertaining. I often ask myself what it is all about. I have not actually spent anytime with anyone from (I have had a few offers). I was beginning to wonder. (smile)

Most of the introductions/profiles I read are very vague and they tell you nothing. Would I truly be interested in a person that writes a one liner asking to be Fuc___. No! Unless she had 6 breasts and 3 you know what. This is that silly nature in me coming out. I just imagined that.(smile) In my opinion everyone likes sex of some kind.

I have seen pictures of women on this site that show everything. Some of them are very courageous. I have masturbated off of some. (which ones) I look at the picture and then start reading if there is something to read. The reading is where the attraction comes from.

Please reconsider if you have not posted a picture at all. (there are so many twins that I cannot believe it.)

The majority will require a face, body parts pictures and complete profile but their's is not complete (do not hide).

I guess sometime I show everything but certain pictures causes different viewer reactions.(numbers add up) Are they positive yes and no. (What are your intentions for viewing).

The profiles that I read that talk about not looking for a relationship;separated;happily married but searching; what are the true intentions? It is not sex. If you go to the grocery store, bank, movies, banquets you can find it.

I believe the true ones are:

I am on this site for a cyber relationship (honest)to make men happy.

"Not changing my life but exploring". Those statements make me believe that they are very independent, confident and reassured that what she seeks is pleasure of some kind, knows what she wants and if your are the lucky guy there may be something. They will probably meet a man of their dreams.

Later, I will give my assessment of but it is not a true one. I say that because I only look at the women.

Something about me

I thought I knew something about women but after the short time here, I realize that I have alot to learn. It is not a pure sex site and I truly do believe that very few actually meet anyone here and go off "into the wild blue yonder". I am not naive either. I have spent the last 26 years in the military and it is a very protected society.

In my opinion women could teach us men alot about or own sexuality (we do not like to talk about it)if we would just pay attention. I was married and I screwed it up because of my own selfish reasons.

What are our true instincts?

Words;statements or gestures that I know key on are:


-We have not talked in a long time. (things are getting boring)

-Let's go for a walk.(lets talk)

-Just hold me(does not mean sex now)

This is not inclusive but just the beginning.

Please tell me about your thoughts of what you read about us men on the site!

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