rm_wonderx 47M
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6/5/2006 11:55 pm

Midnight Orchid

The long and lonely nights I cried out her name, it haunts me from my dreams to while I wake;

She fills my every thought without shame, I’ll search all of Heaven and Hell for her sake;

A tear rolls down my cheek hot like a fire, out of the sweet dream and into a nightmare;

She is a part of my life and is my desire, she gives to me a part of her soul that is very rare;

Forever and a day shall I be grateful, unto her for giving me the strength to live and love;

My love I wish to make your dreams full, the years of your life should be blessed by the dove;

The darkness comes to an end and you are the light, like a lovers passion oh so torrid;

For when the clock strikes the hour of midnight, may my love for her blossom like the orchid.

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