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12/30/2006 9:52 pm

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10/9/2007 4:30 pm

been a while

Happy holidays. It has been a bittersweeet holiday season for me. I have finally moved "home" to Oklahoma, as I have been trying for some time to do. It has been very different for me, although I do think the best move. I have been pondering what to write since I arrived, and have finally decided to just write and see what comes out.

I am nearing 10,000 views of my profile in a little over 2 years on AdultFriendFinder. I have met some good friends. I have talked to WAY too many to mention that were interesting yet nowhere near the same needs or wants as myself.

So. The question is.....after all this time, do I just give up? Don't know yet. Talk to me. Tell me what you think. However, please don't tell me this is a sex site. I know that. Thanks.

I have found the most wonderful couple to watch on a regular basis, and even got up the nerve to talk to, which surprised even me. I am sure we have nothing in common but I am continually amazed by the love, joy and intimacy they share with anyone who cares to watch. Is it sex? I mean, as I am told regularly, this is a SEX site. Absolutely it is sex. Are they sensuous? Incredibly so. They exude a passion and true joy that I think most long for but few find. They are a rare find, who for some reason, feel compelled to share their intimacy with others and I for one am really grateful. They give me hope. I may not have the 30 years left for a marriage, as they have been 30+ years married, but I would all but sell my soul for a relationship such as that, with or without the marriage part. They give me hope that someone out there wants a real relationship, the good, the bad, the real and the very hot and fun relationship that two people can have together.

So here I am. Pretty? Most say yes. Parts of me are much better than others. Overweight, yes. Normal, probably questionable. Lonely? Absolutely, but aren't most of us? Do I have drama? Life is drama. You would have to be dead to have none and I don't understand people saying they want no drama. I have some complications in my life, but again, who doesn't? I am also very sensual, love sex, miss being held, miss having someone to play with and talk with. I am loyal and honest. I am looking for my best friend, fun, acceptance, and great sex is the bonus. I ask for no more than I am willing to give.

So. If you can be nice, tell me what you think. If you can't, please contain the urge to criticize or be negative.

I hope all have had a wonderful holiday season thus far and have a wonderful 2007. May we all find what we are looking for in abundance.

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1/1/2007 3:31 pm

Thank you for the encouragement. I have been wondering where you were. Haven't seen you on for awhile. Hope your holidays have been all you wanted them to be. The true question lies in whether I have a realistic or unrealistic quest. Happy New Year!

rm_jrplusone 55F
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1/4/2007 2:16 pm

HI, can we be friends? I am the female half of this couple (J), I would like to write to you if that is okay. You can email me at bowfire at

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