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rm_wombat105 50M
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8/31/2006 5:25 am

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9/3/2006 9:57 pm

new photo on profile

do i look fat in this ?? need some advice, should i take this photo off my profile, does it put you off??

rm_wombat105 50M

9/3/2006 3:43 am

thanks for the opinion, i know what you mean I will remove it. thanks again.

anastasia666 39F  
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9/3/2006 11:50 pm


Hi is the back ? I am sorry I missed the voting on your profile pic. I wish you'd share it with the rest of us. Remember, I have always said, it is what is inside of you that makes you a worthy person to know, not the outside appearance. You can be stunningly gorgeous and be an empty human being inside. I prefer substance over flash.

Take care of that back,



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