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4/3/2006 4:43 pm

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8/5/2006 9:36 am


This is so lame. I am just getting fed up with the rude people on this site. Hey! if you're not interested in me, just say so. No need to get insulting or rude.
Yes, I'm sure there are many asshole guys on this site. Maybe you are getting fed up too. I am not one of them.
Hey, I read your profiles, if they aren't too long. I just don't look at your pictures and write "wanna fuck?" for a message.
So, please. All I ask is that I get treated with then same respect I offered you.
If you don't like that I'm attached or my looks, just politely say no thank you. Is that too much to ask?
I don't need your advice or your commentary in your retply.
Thank you very much> Have a nice day!

unbridledspirit 53F

7/25/2006 1:54 pm

Very well put. We all deserve respect, not chastizement from others..I respect your courage to put your self out there and seek what you need for yourself..

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