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7/14/2006 9:11 am

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random complaints

Well I thought about charming you with my wit and fantasies, but I just don't have the strength today. I thought about wooing you with my beautiful poetry, but alas I haven't the creativity right now. I guess I will just give you random thoughts off the top of my head then....lol!
I hate driving in traffic. There is always the person on the road that decides they are the police enforcers that get in the fast lane, drive less than the speed limit and won't move over. They drive just fast enough to keep you from being able to move around them in another lane, and they speed up anytime you have the chance too. I was behind one of those last night on my way to work. So finally I gun it to get around them in the lane two lanes over and I go around, but I look like a total ass doing it. I hate looking like an ass!
I got to work on time, but I burnt way too much gas. Friggin gas prices!
OMG! $3.00 a gallon, please! The prices fluctuate at will, up and down based on the guy across the street or the day of the week. It is about time our government get a handle on it. As if everything else isn't expensive enough, now they are marking up prices to recover expenses for fuel, agh!
well enough griping, have to run!

SirMounts 103M

7/25/2006 8:23 pm

I call those driving slow in the left lane "parade makers". I have a theory that they always wanted to be at the head of a parade.
Welcome to blogging, wldthn.

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