We met!  

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7/10/2006 12:14 pm

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We met!

We met online, odd and curious! I was not from here, and he was not from there. Somewhere in between we did finally cross paths, and when we did, the attraction was too great to pass. I was a single woman very much enjoying the single life and not wanting to lose the incredible sexual openess, and he was a single male swinger(not a pushy single man that just uses the swinger lifestyle to hookup, but an actual swinger). Now my mother had told me about men like him, and I had been hunting for one...lol! All the compassion, love, and adoration that any woman would swoon for, and yet the ability to let me run free without jealousy. Could I ever hold on to him long enough. Yes I can, and did. We were married a year after the day we met in person and are very much in love.
Now we open ourselves to the true life of a swinger. I want to please him, and fulfill all his fantasies. When he told me he wanted to see me with another man and just watch, I could not believe it, permission to fuck another man, and he would just watch, WOW! Then came the typical man, he also wanted to see me with another woman, and eventually join in! I can do that, but what happens if I freak just before we get started, well I happen to know, I am open to anything with the right amount of sexual pressure. You see, I used to be straight-laced. No Anal, No BJ's, No other people in the room, and three positions, missionary, girl on top, and doggie style, Fuck, how boring is that. It is no wonder I left my first husband. Through trial I have found that I love to feel a throbbing cock in my ass, I love the taste of a man's cum and the feeling of him growing inside my mouth, and the thought of others watching us, omg, that turns me on! So I am sure when it cums down to it, I will embrace all the things he likes, because when it comes to fucking, I haven't found anything yet that I didn't like, other than regularity. I like new and different, and daily, or more if I can manage it.
So that brings me to where we are now, a swinging couple that has yet to swing since they have been together, and very much needing to explore thier fantasies and desires together. To share thier love, life, and sexual sides with oneanother. I hope soon I can give him the things he wants, because in his pleasure lies my own pleasure.

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7/10/2006 5:23 pm

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