So the truth comes out!  

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7/13/2006 3:33 am
So the truth comes out!

When we met, and in the first few weeks after he told me all sorts of things he wanted to do with me, or me to do for him. One of the things he said he wanted more than anything, was to watch me fuck another man while he watched. A year later, I have married him, had his child, and become his most avid fan things have changed a bit. He no longer wants to watch me fuck another man, unless the other man's wife is there for him and he is really only interested in watching the other man's wife and! Such a typical man, but what did I expect, I wanted the typical man. I wanted the man that grunted at tools and was avid about sports, cars, and hot women, and I can't complain, because he is all those things and more.
Our relationship is awesome, where else would a man be so comfortable to tell me when he notices things about other! Usually they keep that to themselves, but he doesn't, I always know where his head is at....SEX! Hot women turn him on, and he likes to watch and look and notice, but when it comes right down to it, he really just wants to watch, look, notice, and then come home with me, and make me feel amazing. I love that about him. A year later, and trust me we have been through alot in this year, and when he walks through the door at night I still tingle a little. He still kisses me hello every night, even if I am preoccupied by one of our girls, and when he does, I still get goose bumps. It is wonderful to have the stable relationship, but still have the excitement of when it was so new. I never thought it could happen, that I would find someone that I would be so in love with. I still swoon when he talks to me, and am so happy at his touch.
I read an article about soulmates. The belief is that there are several matches for each of us out there and when we find one we don't see the others. I honestly think that is how I feel about him. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate the view of, a hot guy walking down the street, a tight ass in wranglers, a cut six pack under a tight white t-shirt, but when it all comes right down to it, none of them make me quite as hot as seeing my man standing in front of me. OMG, and when he is standing there naked, oh baby! I guess I just realize, that when I actually spend time with men, I don't notice anything sexual about them. They are just men, if they are funny, cute, or interesting, I notice those things, but I don't NOTICE them.
The thought of having sex with another couple in the same bed is exciting to me, as well as the thought of swapping partners somewhere in there, or even just foreplay amongst the four of us. I just think it would be exciting, and I would like to try it, I didn't say I wanted to do it everyday...lmao! A few times a year, to keep things fresh, and to learn new things, consider it continuing education for married couples.....roflmao! Anyway, I guess I came to the realization that I was a freak in bed a few years ago, it isn't a bad thing for sure. I have finally met someone compatible with that lifestyle, that loves me anyway, and he and I don't have to change who we are, just embrace the difference and love each other.
It was a hard road coming to this understanding, but I truly know exactly how he feels about me and I know that there is nobody else in the world he wants to come home to at night. The excitement he feels when he walks through the door to little ole me, wow, I din't think a man could feel that way, but he does. The fact that it is just as hard for him to keep his hands off me as it is for me to keep my hands, and lips off of him.
So our truth and reality, we are soulmates, perfectly suited to each other, and very much in love, even if that chic walking past isn't wearing a bra, and he points it out...lmao! He can also tell you exactly which panties I am wearing, if I am wearing any, even when he didn't watch me get dressed. That really turns me on, that he notices such things about me as well. What turned me on the most though, is when he asked me to go without panties under my dress on our wedding day, and I had already planned on that anyway....hehehe! Just the little connections between us, that make us so perfectly suited.
GOD, thank you, I love him so much!

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