Day 1  

rm_wizard19534 64M
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6/24/2006 5:14 pm
Day 1

Ya know, when I first heard about this site,I thought "DAMN" what a terrific idea!, Lets face it, who in the world,(excluding those few who
are actually completely happy in their relationships), wouldn't like from time to time to just "hook-up" with someone new to share things with every so often? Someone new, someone different, someone who you could really can share mutual pleasure, w/o strings, w/o commitment, and w/o feeling guilty?

However, one thing I have "discovered", is an overwhelming amount of prejudice, narrow mindedness, & to a degree, as well as to some degree, profiling.

In my humble opinion, this particular site is here so that people who believe that sex is possible between two people who are not comitted to each other, who are not married, who are not "engaged", etc. It shouldn't be here to give two people a reason to cheat, but as a resource where two like-minded are able to seek and hopefully find, the "relationship" of sorts that they long to find. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but having an irate husband or boyfriend, show up at the door with gun in hand prepared to blow my head off because he caught me with his mate.... more later

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