Sex at Sea  

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Sex at Sea

Sex at Sea

I met her on the internet. Not here but on a site for sailors looking for crew. She was a single mom looking for a weekend adventure. I was always looking for adventure.

We met at her ex’s house where she was dropping off her daughter to stay with her ex. I arrived before she did and had a chance to talk with her former husband. He was nice enough. Good looking, good manner. What could have gone wrong here?

She drove up in a new BMW. She was about 5’5, blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body that filled her tight jeans and tee shirt. She sent her daughter off with dad and grabbed her bag from the back seat. She hugged her ex and gave him a peck on the cheek.

We got in my car and headed toward the boat. Before we left town we had one more stop to pick up another couple. They had been on several voyages and were free this weekend. When all four of us were in the car, I explained that this trip would be special. This was the opening weekend for the Tiki Bar on Soloman’s Island, MD. We would sail in an help kick off the new season. If winds were favorable, the trip would take about six hours.

The Tiki Bar is part of eastern Maryland legend. Situated on a stretch of waterfront at the far end of Soloman’s Island, the bar is little more than a tin roof shack with a concrete floor and no walls. The bar itself is in the center with plywood shutters that lift up at opening time. Patrons gather around the bar on several stools or mill about in or near the shack. Fake palm trees and other tropical paraphernalia. Across the street the bar owns a rickety pier that is available on a first-come first-served basis. Hundreds of people arrive for the annual opening night event. We would have little chance to be one of the lucky boats an easy stumble from the bar.

We all talked on the way to the boat. She fit in well with my friends and conversation ranged from politics to parenting. When we arrived at the boat she knew exactly what to do, first stowing her gear and helping ready the boat to get underway. Once we left the dock, she volunteered to rig the jib and hoist the sails. She seemed happy to get back on the water and reconnect with sailing ‒ a passion she kept from youth.

After leaving the confines of the harbor and river, the wind kicked up and my boat came to life. With sails full and sheets straining, we were doing six to seven knots. We healed over slightly, as the wind was off our port stern. The dinghy we towed behind skimmed across the water, riding waves making a slapping sound as it encountered each wave. She asked to take the helm and sail for a while.

I sat at the front of the cockpit and watched her. From the instant she took the tiller in her hand, her face filled with delight. She looked up at the sails and down at the compass with confidence. The wind blew her hair back and she breathed deep with a satisfied smile on her face. She was home.
The trip was short and uneventful. We arrived in Soloman’s in just over five hours and long before sunset. Just as I had suspected, the pier was full, as were all the piers up and down the creek. We decided to anchor in a quiet area just down from the bar. We could see a crowd gathered around the Tiki Bar with loud music blaring from the stereo system. We dropped anchor and had dinner on board. During and after dinner we had drinks to catch up with the throngs wandering up and down the street in front of the bar.

We changed into our evening clothes and got aboard the dinghy. She had changed into a black, low-cut linen dress with tiny straps. She put her hair up and added make-up. She was a vision.

The pier was a short row from the boat and we tied up with a few other dinghies at the shallow end. We made our way across the street and into the crowd. The scene was reminiscent of the old spring break days in Fort Lt. Fla. Hot, young, drunken bodies bumping and grinding to the thump, thump, thump of an over amplified bass. We were the wrong generation for this crowd. We had our mandatory drink and decided to check out some of the other clubs.

Up and down the street are clubs, bars, and restaurants that serve the summer crowd. During the off-season, sailors from nearby Pawtuxant Navel Air Station keep things alive on weekends. We stopped in a few clubs and decided to stay at a club featuring a rock-and-roll band and expansive dance floor. We danced and drank into the night. Before we knew it, we heard last call and it was time to head back.

Finding the dinghy proved to be a difficult task. When we finally got back to the Tiki Bar, there were about a dozen dinghies tied to the pier. People in various states of inebriation were trying to find their boats. We finally located ours and poured ourselves in. Finally free of the entangled mess, we made our way to the boat. She was right where we left her and we found her after some wandering.

Finally back aboard, we had a nightcap under the glow of two candles I kept in the cockpit. At this point we were quite relaxed and fairly incoherent. It was time to turn in.

The other couple decided to take the V-Berth at the bow. We would share the main salon. Although there were two berths she suggested that I should join her in the main berth. This was a dinette table that folded into the size of a queen bed. There were sheets and comforters for it. She had changed into a sweatshirt and sweat pants. I just sleep in my underwear.

I put some quiet music on the CD and we all settled down to sleep. I lay down on the inside with my back to her and said goodnight. We could hear distant music and the occasional yell from outside. The boat rocked gently from slight waves in the harbor, making the world spin a bit more than on land given my intoxication. My back was to her.

Suddenly, I felt a fingernail between my shoulders. It was a gentle touch but firm nonetheless. The fingernail slowly followed my spine down to the elastic of my underwear and slightly below it. She pulled her finger out, saying nothing. My heart raced. Although married, I had not had sex in over six months. In fact, I had never had an affair.

I turned over. I saw her eyes open. “Would you like a backrub?” I asked. She turned over without saying a word. I reached out and put my hand on her back. Up and down finally finding the bottom of her sweatshirt and put my hand against her smooth skin. She was not wearing a bra and I was able to caress the entirety of her back without resistance. I explored every inch from her neck to the line of her pants. Her skin was perfect and body toned. I gently rubbed her shoulders and found them loose and relaxed. When I worked the base of her neck, she gave a slight moan of satisfaction.

I could hear the other couple giggling from the bow. They knew me well and were oblivious to the thoughts going through my mind. Besides, they were in the process of making their own story.

I pulled off the covers and got on my knees behind her. Using both hands, I started at her waist and pushed up either side, pulling up her shirt. She did not resist. In fact, she arched her back allowing her sweatshirt to ride up a bit. I massaged her shoulders and ran my hands down to her lower back. Again, I pulled her shirt up higher. This went on for ten minutes or so.

The moon was full and a shaft of light filled the cabin. I could make out the features of her back. Her waist was narrow with two distinct dimples at her pants. Her upper back expanded to broad shoulders and perfect skin. She had let her hair down, but around her neck, I could feel the soft, short hair that transitions to a smooth hairless back.

I brought my hands down to her pants and put my fingers around her waist and firmly put my thumbs into the small of her back. She moaned. Slowly, I let my fingers reach beneath her pants and began to pull them down. She immediately raised her butt allowing me to easily pull her sweatpants down to her knees. I put one hand on each leg and pushed them to the bottom of her buttocks. I ever so gently ran my hands across her butt and back to her lower back, leaning over and kissing the middle of her back. Again, she moaned.

I kissed and licked from her neck down her back for a few minutes. Finally, I got the nerve to explore further. I let my tongue follow her spine to her butt while my hands were massaging her legs. She did not move. I moved my face to the middle of her butt and kissed her right cheek then her left. Finally, I buried my face in her crack. She allowed her cheeks to open and I touched my tongue to her anus. She pushed her hips into my face allowing my tongue to reach inside her. I took my right hand and moved it to her clit, rubbing it as I licked her butt. Her hips began moving to my hand motion.

Suddenly, she stopped and rolled over. She tore off her shirt and put her hands of either side of my head. “Eat me!” she said. She bent her knees and pulled off her pants. I could see the outline of her pussy in the dim light. I kissed one thigh and moved closer to her clit.

I have been married for twenty years. During the early years of my marriage, my wife was open to all kinds of sex and we enjoyed every one. I was particularly aroused by analingus. For a time so was my wife. However, about the time she gave up eating meat (including mine), she also gave up her enjoyment of ass-licking. Later, she gave up her liking for sex altogether. That, in part, is how I found myself in this situation.

I found her clit fully erect and ready to pop. I used my left hand and inserted my index and middle finger into her pussy. I put the tip of my right index finger in her ass. I would lick her clit for a few seconds and stop. When I stopped, her ass would tighten. When her ass tightened, I would move my right index finger in and out, stopping when my tongue attacked her clit. The second my tongue was back on her clit, her ass would relax and her pussy wall tighten. Again and again I did this routine until she could no longer take it. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her pussy while thrusting her pelvis into my face. As she came, I pushed my finger deep into her ass, which was open and willing.

She moaned and shuttered during her orgasm and finally we both fell in a heap on the bed. Her head on the pillow, she looked down at me and said “It’s your turn now!” I was so horny, I could have cum in a second. I pulled myself over her and kissed her lips. “Mmmm” she said. “Tastes like me!” I was about to put my cock in her pussy when she reminded me that I needed a condom. “I don’t have one!” I said. “I really was not expecting this!”

We considered the situation for a few minutes and she suggested that she would lay face down and I should put my cock in her butt crack. I put some lotion on my cock and started rubbing. It was almost as good as the real thing! I would vary my speed and angle of attack while she kept her hips raised. Occasionally, the head of my dick would brush against her anus and push against it. Finally, I exploded on her back with one squirt reaching her hair. We collapsed in each others arms and slept the rest of the night.

The next morning, we got an early start home and had quite conversation. Although nothing was said about our encounter, the other couple mentioned that the cabin was awfully noisy the night before.

Although I have invited her on more sailing trips last year, schedules never matched. Maybe this year the moon and stars will align once again.

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4/1/2006 4:17 am

Oh, I certainly hope so ... she would be foolish not to open up those sails again !


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