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6/11/2005 8:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I was at work the other day and heard a noise. I looked up and saw a mother squirrel lovingly and with purpose in each movement, cutting small limbs from around the nest that her little ones were safely snuggled in. I thought, how wonderful it must be to have that kind of warmth and unconditional love in your life. Such commitment without expecting anything in return. I suppose friendship could also be categorized the same way. But are we actually prepared to have that kind of commitment to anybody or anything? We think we have that kind of strength within us and try as we may.....we sometimes veer off that path because the word unconditional takes on a whole new meaning when that commitment is strained to such levels you weren't prepared to handle within your heart. Such a shock that you aren't sure where to place the pain or IF you can put it in a corner and get around it and actually live through it. I think if we are truly real and actually look inside ourselves for the strength to maintain that level of commitment and unconditionality as well as remembering that you are supposed to not expect anything in return, you might make it through the day....and maybe even become a better person as well as find you had strength you didn't know you had. You might even learn that you are that mother squirrel who continues to care and nurture without reward.

ScrollingEagle 57M
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6/14/2005 2:38 pm

I can tell you that I've felt that degree of adoration and unconditionality in my life. Given that it was my daughter and her wellbeing and happiness ment everything to me. And I didn't expect anything in return.. All I wanted and remain to want is her happiness and her experience of life to be a wonderous adventure filled with joy and even occational sadness. The latter of which I only hope she has fleeting bits of. Just enough so she's whole and has had a chance to experience everything life offers, she needs to have a certain compliment of sadness. And now even the mother squirrel at some point forces her babies out into the world. I'm sure when she does she's distraught and fearful of what awaits her babies. Worries pervade her senses and she wishes only the best for them. Although knowingly she realizes it's going to be a challange and a struggle for them but she'll be around always, and never seek a reward for her protection and devotion. Therein is a goal for us all to acheive. Total self-less adoration and devotion towards another.

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7/17/2005 6:36 pm

Well I do feel that kind of commitment, My commitement is, when ther's one biscut left, she should get it, otherwise ANYTHING she wants she should have and I will do whatever I can to give it to her, BUTTTTT I do EXPECT something in return.

Markforfunlaughs 53M

7/25/2005 2:15 pm


After reading your profile and reading this blog I will say that it seems that your heart is in the right place. That is a very special quality in today's world! Like ScrolingEagle I have an Unconditional love for my two children, I would truly die for them if needed! NO BS. I would like to find that love for the woman who god has intended for me to spend the rest of my life with, if he has one picked out?? Protecting our loved ones is a trait maybe only mothers and fathers can have over their children, but I do feel that an Unconditional love can be created between a man and a woman if worked on in a 50/50 partnership.

But don't we always expect something?? I expect my children to respect me and love me, I will expect my partner to love me and I bet the Squirrel will expect the babies to help gather nuts in the near future!! Love is funny

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