I fucked for you  

rm_winkwink774 43F
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9/11/2006 2:25 pm

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1/14/2007 7:42 pm

I fucked for you

I had just got out of the shower. I had a towel wrapped around me and I was brushing my teeth when you walked in to the bathroom. We had a great night of fucking and making love all in the same twist. I couldn’t wait to have you again. You kissed the back of my neck like you always do and reached down the towel to grab my tit. You whisper in my ear that you have a great surprise for me and it has something to do with making your fantasy come true. I turn to you and kiss you deeply and tell you that I will gladly comply with your wishes to make your fantasy come true and anyone you may have ever.

You just smile at me and kiss me back. You take my hand and lead me into our bedroom. When I walk in, I see 2 men and a video camera. I turn to look at you and am very puzzled as to why there are 2 men in our bedroom. You just smile and take the towel off my body exposing me to these men. It finally dawns on me what you want and I walk over to the bed and lay there, waiting for the men to take me. You turn on the video camera and tell them men to do what ever they please with me.

The first one comes over and spreads my legs; he takes my pussy with his mouth. The pleasure he is causing me is making me moan nice and loud. The second man comes over and starts sucking on my nipples as the first one stays on my pussy. You take your still camera and start taking pictures of my clit in the first mans mouth and my nipple in the second mans mouth. I am so incredibly turned on. The second man takes his cock and puts it in my mouth while the first one enters my pussy. You keep snapping pictures. I can see how hard your cock is and I want to please you too, but your look tells me that you are completely enjoying watching me get fucked by these men.

You snap pictures of a cock in my mouth and in my pussy, full on pictures of the three of us fucking… You take the video camera off the tripod and start taking close-ups of me getting fucked. I can see you are loving this. You take your pants off and start to rub your cock while you are videotaping me.

The man in my pussy starts fucking me incredibly hard. While the man that had his cock in my mouth is now sucking on my tits again I am so close to cumming, and you can see that, so you focus on the cock that is inside my pussy. You want to see me squirting all over his cock. In seconds that happens. You get it all on tape along with my cum dripping down his balls and down my ass. This causes him to cum, he pulls out and cums all over my stomach while the other guy is sucking on my nipples. The second guy takes his cue and takes his position between my legs. But decides he wants to suck on my clit first too which throws me into a cumming fit. I squirt all over his face. Luckily you predicted what was going to happen and caught that on tape to. When he came up from between my legs, he was smiling and his hair was completely wet. Then he shoved his cock into my dripping pussy. After several hard deep strokes, he slows down and moves his body away from mine so the first guy can start sucking on my clit. This blows me over. I am arching my body into them while I am grabbing my nipples and pinching them. My pussy I so wet I think they are going to be drown by the time they are done with me. I can not get the guy inside of me deep enough and the guy sucking on my clit can’t suck hard enough.

You finally put down the video camera and pick up the still one. You take several pictures of the cock and tongue on my pussy. I can see you are completely aroused and I know you want to be in me, but you tell me not to worry and keep taking pictures! I can feel your need and how strong it is.

Finally, you have had enough and you make the others leave. You take me for yourself. You shove your cock into me forcefully and deeply. I cry out, but you will not allow me to make anymore noise, you cover my mouth with your hand and continue to fuck me as hard as you can push into me. I can feel your pelvis bone hitting mine, but I do not try to struggle to get away from you. You are fucking me like there is something to prove.

You stop fucking me and put your hand on my pussy. Then you are sucking and licking it, like you have never done before. I am grabbing at the bed with both hands, my back is arched and my legs are wrapped around your head. My nipples are so incredibly hard they almost hurt. I can feel goose bumps coming out all over my skin. Finally you hit my breaking point and I start to cum, fast, hard and a lot. You smile and shove your cock into my throbbing pussy and keep the point of ecstasy going. I have no way to release because you are inside of me.

You are moaning loudly now because you coming is eminent. You pull your cock out of me and shoot cum on my stomach, tits, face, and even the wall. Once you are done, you lay on top of me trying to catch your breath.

We look at each other and I know immediately what you are thinking. You can’t wait to surprise me again.

talentnskills 56M

9/13/2006 7:33 am

wow- what a blog...exxxcuse me i need to go wash up now....phew..wow ...pant,pant..you should be writing for penthouse...or scripting porn...

HDRiderPUC8er 48M
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9/16/2006 1:09 pm

I will have to keep the Video Camera handy next time Yummmmmm

ChevySilverado99 30M
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10/9/2006 4:46 pm

Hey that was great and well arousing.

rm_milkmanx7 39M

12/5/2006 7:29 pm

Words can not describe what I feel like after reading that....WOW!

SensualTung4U2 63M
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1/14/2007 1:46 pm

Loved it Winkwink darlin mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sighhhhhhh... {=}{=}{=}{=}{=}{=}'s cutie... hugggs luv

tommy in tx

SensualTung4U2 63M
8656 posts
1/14/2007 6:16 pm

Your writing gets into my head n makes it spinnnnn wonderfully, winkwink sweetheart"{=}


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