Baby Oil  

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8/31/2006 3:29 am

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Baby Oil

I really believe baby oil should be issued on the NHS. Just to pour it on a pair of tits and ass is devine as they sparkle with promise. Then to massage the oil deep into every crack and crevice and feel your partner writhe beneath you is heaven. I love it being drizzled over my hard cock and when she takes a grip of it and slides her hand up and down my hard shaft it gives me shudders running through the entire length of my body...but not for too long, as I like to flip her over and rub the head of my hard oily cock up and down her asshole. This makes her slide back onto me and enter her ass easily. I put my hands underneath her while im fucking her ass (swapping from ass to pussy from time to time) and feel her oily tits and nipples, tweaking and rubbing them, this makes her push against me more and I can sesnse she is rready to cum. All I have to do now is slide my oily fingers down to her clit and tease it...slowly to begin with, then harder as I pump my cock into her harder and harder. At this point she likes to slide her fingers back through my legs and stroke my balls and ass. This drives us insane and we both climax one after the other.

God, you gotta love baby oil...the gel is the best though...SO GET IT...NOW

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