Mondays suck for a reason  

rm_willieD1966 51M
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6/26/2006 8:04 am
Mondays suck for a reason

waking up and relizing that Mondays suck because all weekend i did things that constitute punishment. Use ur imagination. I guess my last post caused quite a stir in some circles. i guess general inuendo and vauge comments can be taken the wrong way. This is no forum for spicifics and name dropping and i intend to keep it that way. A friend of my new friend saw my post and had horrible things to say to her. i said nothing that was harmful, he read it, and assumed a whole lot, filled in a bunch of blanks with convient thoughts from his own twisted mind(mabey he should start bloging). this whole BS thing reminds me of HS and i hated HS so get over it. Adults making decisions and haveing fun is just that. anyway Mondays also suck so Tuesday wont look so bad cya yall Moondog

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