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6/23/2006 1:28 pm

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Hey thanks ladies for all the encouragement! it was unexpected. The news on the restaurant is encouraging will know more after monday so pray and believe for a sale, i am for sure. Another unexpected event happened last night. AdultFriendFinder works!
Im lokking for the ONE and my search has offically begun. I had a great time last night i did things ive only dreamed of. The best part is i was not made to feel like a pervert or some sick person that needs professional help! WOW did i just have a ex wife moment or what! im so happy that im smiling as i type. It feels liberating to not have that feeling in ur stomach that eats at u. Is that guilt or shame i think its both. aaaaaaaaa long time i was shamed for being horny. I know im not alone in this and im at risk of being called a whiney BITCH but i want to vent so suffer. Last night also served to boost my sexasteem! Every guy will tell u he is the best lover and "no one eats pussy like me" we all think it stinks in herer cause were the SHIT. im rite am i not? In reality i had lost my sexasteem doubt had creeped into my mind and i was a bit more nervous than i should have been none the less i forged on and discovered a bright future cause IM THE SHIT! LMAO

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6/23/2006 3:06 pm

Good luck to you WillieD - it's good to see that there is an open minded man that doesn't think this is just a fuck fest site and is open about the possibility of finding THE ONE on here.

So many people are pissed that we can even contemplate using this as a "dating site" but I've found from experience that there are people looking for more than just sex here and whilst I'm not relying 100% on the site to give me what I'm looking for, I never say never.

Someone that I was in contact with on here a few years back met and married his wife from this site so it CAN happen.

Good luck with the restaurant.

And no woman likes a guy that brags about what he can do - for all they know, the guy before did it better !!! Boost that sexasteem and get in plenty of practice !

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