A good week  

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7/14/2006 11:46 am

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A good week

Well i had a very good week.I work at a bed and breakfast and for the last two nights customers have asked me out for drinks after work.the first guy i went out with told me he was gay.i had no problem with that,i had a great night.i've neva spoken to a guy who has so such in common with me.He has better fashion sence then me and his skin is great.Then last night i went out with another guy.oh my gosh.He is so good looking,the kind of guy u want to fuck u then and there.he first asked me to go to his room and give him a massage,but i wasn't quite up to that as my boss was still at work,but just to piss her off i told her i was.so i went to his room and he decided he wanted to take a shower first with the door open..so anyway we went for a drink instead of a massage.as i was leaving i saw my boss and told her i wasn't giving him a massage but i was going for a drink,she say to me.I don't mind u going for a drink but a massage i do mind......anyway we went out and we chatted and chatted and hopefully in two weeks time we will repeat the evening.as for my boss well lets just say i'm not looking forward to work on monday.

but hey i'm a single woman and it's not as if i was going to fuck him....i know the work rules but i bet from monday i'll have alot more rules at work....it's like been back at school..

Have you ever just wanted to be screwed by a guy because he is sex on legs.i was so hot.I jusy wanted him.He is one of those tall,dark and sexy guys.I could have had him....time will tell if he is more then just a chat
P.S.he is single and my age.

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