rm_whtsonurmind 39M
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7/13/2006 10:47 am

I have been in nebraska for about 4 years and the only women i keep running into are sexually boring ones. I don't understand. Plus for some reason I will meet a bi-sexual girl and she's talking about haveing 3 somes with other girls then as soon as i sleep with her, she says that she is not sharing me with anyone. and what makes it even more funny about her not sharing me with anyone is that they are married. and what makes the situation even more hilarious is that they get pissed because they find out that i'm fucking another girl. I wish someone would explain this logic to me. My friends are having 3 somes and some of the girls ain't even BI. I meet BI females and they don't want to share me with anyone and they are married. I just want to have fun too. I guess that's why I'm on here. Women, I know there is not that many unexprienced men out here. Your women. you can find dick anywhere. But if it's the good dick you want and you want to keep it you can't put any constraints on it. Think about it this way, Dicks are like a dog's nose. They just want to sniff around and see what's out there.

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