Getting Stood Up -------- Ever been there? lol  

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1/6/2006 1:48 pm

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Getting Stood Up -------- Ever been there? lol

I just felt compelled to dumpout my mixture of feelings regading "Getting Stood Up"...

I just don't fully understand why someone would go through all of the processes responding to an initial "hello, yes you're sexy too", days, weeks or months of "Oh I want you so bad", setting a date and time to meet, etc. etc., and then not show up. The avaenues of communication that exisited before the faitfull event are now dried up and unaccessible and the mystery person just vanishes. Has this happened to you?

It seems I've had my share of no shows. Not sure why. I'm a pretty easy going guy, pretty forgiving and personable. What compells these ladies to just not show up... I assume it has been significant cases of "COLD FEET"... The really want to be that wild erotic woman they repress inside, but just can't bring themselves to go there. I am very disappointed, but not angry. It is also very frustrating and doesn't help my horniness a bit!!! I know I have been stood up twice as many times as I have successfully met with anyone. That's pretty bad track record. Should I quit, or can you tell me what I'm doing wrong... hee hee hee.

I can suggest something though. All of you ladies should write my handle down. Here's the reason: if you are planning for the big date sned me a note. I'll give you my cell#, if you qualify. then you can keep it in your pocket for the big meeting. If your guy doesn't show, give me a call. I'll see what I can do to help you with that horny urge you have built up... Maybe we can even set up and emergency hot line or

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