Taking a day off of work to vegetate is way over rated!  

rm_wetwoofy 52F
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9/7/2005 8:35 pm

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3/9/2007 10:16 pm

Taking a day off of work to vegetate is way over rated!

I took the day off of work because I felt I needed some "ME" time!

Oh my god! What a mistake!

The day started out great.. I didn't get out of bed til noon. I got up.. went to the potty.. decided that I wasn't going to take a shower and just stay in my jammies all day!
I turned the phones and answering machine off.. I pretended there wasn't any house work to do.. Ahhhhh yes.. this is going to be a great day!

So I sat in the living room.. stared out the window for about 15 minutes.. decided to watch some TV

I turn on the TV and wonder.. "what the hell is up with daytime TV?" Is there nothing intelligent to watch? The only thing I found some what interesting to watch was "Blue's Clues". And the only reason why I watched that was .. I was trying to figure out what the hell "Steve" was trying to do! I mean really.. a full grown man jumping around like he's got a corn cob shoved up his ass!
I'm glad I don't have any kids... I'm not sure I would want them to witness that kind of feminism coming from a guy!

So I turn on the music real loud.. so that I can go out on the deck and enjoy the afternoon sun.
That was really relaxing.. until a cat comes strutting into the yard.. and my dog decides he wants to chase it!!!

So the chase is on! I have a 14 year old basset hound chasing a cat that runs like a deer!! So now .. I have to chase the damn dog.. that is chasing the damn cat! I holler at the dog.. the dog don't listen.. and I end up running thru about 4 of my neighbors yards.. in my jammies.. to get my dog back!

The cat finally escapes thru a hole in the fence.. and my fat ass dog can't get thru. So I finally catch up to him, only to realize.. that he don't have a collar on.. being the genus I am.. I failed to put his collar back on him from when I gave him a bath two days earlier.. so now I have to pick his butt up and carry him about a 1/2 mile home, because he's not about to budge from that fence.. no matter how hard I kick him!

I get home.. go back into the house, because sitting out of the deck was obviously not a good idea!

I'm hungry.. I go to the fridge.. nothing in there except for a left over chef salad that I hadn't ate from the day before!
Hey! this will work.. it's got water laying in the bottom of it.. the lettuce is limp and the cheese is soggy... but if I add a little dressing, it will be good and I won't have to cook anything! (I really need to go grocery shopping)
Ok.. so I ate it.. and it wasn't that great.. but it filled the empty spot!

I wander back into the living room.. decide a nap is a good idea.. So I snuggle up on the couch and I slept... Boy did I sleep! I didn't wake up til 7:30pm.

My dog is dancing around with his legs crossed.. saying.. "come on get up.. I gotta pee!"

I get up.. let the dog outside.. thinking that if he chases a cat.. he's on his own! But he was a good dog.. he came back to the door and barked to come back in.. then looked at me with those pitiful eyes and was whining a bit... he was hungry.. so I got him a can of dog food.. he inhaled it. then went to his little bed in the corner and went to sleep. So much for good company!

I turn the TV back on.. I start watching this movie.. about a gay guy.. his half sister comes to visit him.. she ends up stealing his lover from him.. blah blah... long story.

I'm so bored by now.. all I can do is sit and think... well I've decided.. thinking is a bad thing.. cause all I could think about was sex.. and how bad I need it.. My husband won't be home til Saturday .. and I don't think I can wait that long. What the hell.. I'll eat!

So I go get me a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and head for my computer. I need some good conversation. Yeah right! I go to my friends list.. and there is NO ONE online! Now what the hell do I do?

No sex.. no conversation.. TV sucks.......

Did I happen to mention that taking a day off of work to vegetate is way over rated?

saginawdick 45M
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9/8/2005 8:31 am

I feel your pain. I work 3rd. NO one is on in the mornings when I am.

rm_man5511 66M
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10/11/2005 9:39 pm

Hi ya blog wetwoofy I know how it is some dayes ya cant win for noting. but the next time you need some sex give me a shout I'll help you out there.post 87192

p__ssyeater 46M

5/18/2006 9:09 am

Hey wetwoofy, Wow what a drag, didn't feel like going to work and being bored at home, not very exciting. If you ever have the urge to have some fun, you could always hit me up, I live in Caseville and a call from you, could bring satisfaction and some wild fun.

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