Just 3 Seconds  

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7/30/2006 4:07 pm

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Just 3 Seconds

Someone recently asked me, "If you could change 3 seconds in your life, which 3 would it be?" ....and guess what? I couldn't answer.
Three seconds. Three seconds that would change my life. Forever. hmmmmmmmm.....
Well I know now.
Back in the day, way way back... I mean high school back....I had a huge crush. HUGE I say! Oh, he was everything! Handsome, athletic, cute butt, very nice, extremely smart. His dad a doctor of some sort, his sisters athletic, funny, beautiful and intelligent. He finally asked me out. Surely, I thought, this had to be some kind of prank, like in the movie "Carrie."
But we did go out. I fucked him.
Yes, I did, I fucked him.
I guess I have always had a lonely heart, just looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways. But I wanted him. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad! So I fucked him. In a car of course. (Geeeeeeez! We were teenagers!)
Man, I liked him alot. He kissed good too. That was a bonus! I went home, couldn't wait to tell my friends just who it was that I went out with...they all thought he was soooooooo fine.
But I never told them.
Because I never heard from him again.
I soon convinced myself that I was the low-life slut that I eventually earned the reputation for being.
I went out with him inspite of my low self esteem. I had a teacher tell me that I could do much better than the boy I had been dating. So when "HE" asked me out....ooooooooh! I was sooo excited and thought I would just go for it.
But he squashed me. He squashed my temporary ego. He, the football player, the handsome smart funny guy from a family with money (at least more money than mine had)... squashed me.
Until this site entered my life.
He found me. Again. I had no idea who I was letting into my network, but boy did he have nice thighs!
So, after having cyber chatted for 10 months and 17 days, (yes, "CH", I still have it in my archives), I finally asked him why.
Why did he ask me out, and why did he never do it again. I requested that he be honest, I could take it.
I fully expected him to say, "Well, I heard you put out so I thought I'd give it a shot", and, "I got what I wanted so I moved on, after all, you had a rep",....or something of that sort.
Very understandable, very much like teenage life, very much like the movies.
But he made me cry.
Because it wasn't true.
Everything I believed about myself back then was not true.
Not true.
27 years of believing I was unworthy.
Wow. That's alot to swallow, so to speak. lol
'Cause he liked me. He thought I was hot. (ME? hot?!!) He was shy, embarrassed. I was his first. He thought I would think he was... what? A nerd? Wow.
I was the nerd! I was in band for Christ's sake! (And yes, it's true about band camp)
So which three seconds would I change?
The 3 that it took me to pull off my pants?
Probably not.
It's the three in which I didn't tell him that I wanted to see him again.

SingleWarrior 53M

7/30/2006 5:12 pm

Well that certainly had an interesting twist at the end of it

AughtMusedSpill 49M

7/30/2006 5:22 pm

That is a sad story...and yet, it's kinda not, since you got to find out the truth from the source. Most of us go thru life thinking one thing about some people in their lives and never know the truth.

rm_wetme1963 54F

7/30/2006 6:01 pm

it's nice to be appreciated, thank you! muuuuuuuah!

rm_Buck44145 60M

7/31/2006 6:29 pm

Something tells me you've learned just how much the right guy will appreciate you. (Wish he was me!)
p.s. Can you still get your pants off in 3 seconds?

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