This might be the first and last time I do this.  

rm_weeehaaaaa 41M
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5/24/2006 6:18 pm
This might be the first and last time I do this.

I'm not saying I'm freakin Brad Pitt or anything, but come on. I like to think I'm a reasonably attractive guy. Well educated. Some sarcastic witt thorwn in. I have seen some of the most beautiful women in Chicago (some cases the world)on this website. I fully expext to get turned down by some of these women. To be honest I realy have only tried once or twice. Why not? whats the worst that can happen? They just won't answer. Trouble is none of them answer!! Now I'm a fairly confident man so I like to think I can handle all the rejection. But seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Even the ugly girls don't answer. I feel confident once someone see my picture they undoubtedly will tell me how ugly I am, or how fat I look in my pics. By the way I have gotten responses back from 2 or three women. But the were FAKE!!! I assure you I thought these women were well with in what I thought was my class. Turns out they were fakes, all of them. I must doing something wrong here some thing must be misspelled somewhere, right? Here I thought this websit would be fun. Dont' get me wrong I'm still finding way to keep my self amused here. I'll press. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

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