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9/5/2006 10:35 pm

It’s January, not to cold in Florida however it is snowing in North Carolina. It’s time for a getaway to the house in NC, to relax and enjoy the scenery. The house is on top of Mt. Royal, South of Asheville and SE of Biltmore Village. It has a view overlooking the Biltmore Estate, a beautiful stone fireplace, and a Jacuzzi with glass windows facing the West.

It’s cold outside as we arrive late in the afternoon. The sky is clear and blue, although a promise of snow by the forecasters. We unpack and relax for a few minutes, enjoying the house warming up as we sit and look out over the countryside. The fireplace is getting a warm glow to it, like your face, so soft and inviting. I have the urge to touch you and really want to make love to you, to hold you in my arms and feel the passion we share. As you walk by me, I reach out and take your hand, you turn and smile and sit across my legs and put your arm around my neck. I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately. You say “I know what you need” and return the kiss with a passionate response.

We decide we need to get some supper and neither of us wants to spend time preparing supper so we decide to go down to Biltmore Village and enjoy supper and look through the shops for awhile. As we dress for the cold both of us are laughing about how we look, layers of clothes and both of us want to be sensual for the other. I enjoy feeling your breasts under a sweater or sweatshirt. You want to be able to feel when I am aroused and right now it is all the time. After all the dressing play, we end up putting overcoats on top of everything else we are wearing.

As we arrive at a restaurant in Biltmore, small flakes of snow begin to fall on us. Inside the restaurant it is rather quiet, maybe because it is a weekday evening. We are seated at a window looking out onto US25 running through downtown Biltmore. People are walking through the shops lining the road and we order our supper. The lighting is low, a candle is flickering on the table, your eyes are bright, you’re face seems to be flushed in the light. I reach out and touch your cheek to find your face warm to the touch. My dick gets hard looking at you and you sense I am turned on. You look at me and say in a very serious tone “Would you rather we get something to take home”.

I smile and say “I would prefer that however I would like to stay here with you because I know the anticipation will make the evening special when we do get home.” You take my hand and squeeze it and say “oh I promise I will make it worth your while”. You have taken your overcoat off and I look down your body, can’t see to much with all the layers on you but the thought of you under the clothes now has me at full arousal. I wish there were someplace to take you so I could fuck you to start the evening, however the more I think about it the more I want to just spend time being teased and teasing you. Supper is romantic as we make love to each other visually.

After supper we go to the Biltmore Dairy and get some ice cream. Fun how we want ice cream when it is beginning to snow outside. Then we walk through some of the quaint stores across the street. One of the stores has some very sexy dresses and lingerie. We are teasing each other there in the store, the clerk notices us and smiles. We strike up a conversation, first about the snow that has begun falling harder outside, then it moves to the sexy lingerie. You begin asking about sexy lacy bras and the clerk goes into the back room and brings out several VERY sexy bras. As we are standing there, me behind you, I slip my hand up under the sweat shirt from the back and cup your breasts then roll your nipples between my fingers. The clerk turns to see what I am doing and smiles. She walks over to us and says “damn I wish I had someone to do that to me”. You don’t say much, just lean back against me and put your head on my chest. Your breasts feel so good, so soft and warm to the touch. The clerk has stopped talking and is watching us as I press you against the wall and kiss you passionately.

There hasn’t been anyone in the store until now and a couple walks in and begins looking around. The clerk goes and asks them if they need help and then returns to us. You tell her about us and ask about her. She has a boyfriend but works most of the time. We swap phone numbers and move on down the street and through a few other shops.

Snow has begun to fall pretty good now so we decide to go to the house before we have to walk the last half mile because we can’t get up to the house. As the garage door closes behind us, and the car door opens, the cold catches us and send chills through both of us. Quickly we move into the warm house, the fireplace and the warm Jacuzzi, and oh don’t forget the bed.

As we undress each other, both of us feel the anticipation as our hands feel the other. Your breasts, so soft, warm and inviting, I pull the sweatshirt up and kiss all over both breasts as you moan and feel my cock stiffen for you. Your hand grasping my firm cock, your fingers teasing my balls, I want you, I want to take you and fill you with my seed to relieve the sexual tension. You would accept that move however I have second thoughts and suggest we enjoy the Jacuzzi, you smile and say “oh yes, please, I want you in the jacuzzi”. By now there are a pile of clothes on the floor and both of us stand in front of the other naked. You look down at my boner hard on and smile, you say “I am wet for that thing”. We stand and hug each other and use the time to feel each other. You are very correct when you say wet, very very wet as I find out.

You take me by the hand and lead me to the Jacuzzi. As we step into the warm water and look out across the mountains with the snow falling, the mood becomes one of sexual frenzy, both of us wanting to couple and share the love between us. We slip down into the water together and the warmth overcomes both of us. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me passionately as I return that passionate kiss I can feel you moving feeling my hard dick between your legs. You wrap your legs around me and slip down until I feel the head of my dick forcing your pussy open and taking me slowly deep into you. The feeling is indescribable as your warmth and wetness surrounds my dick. I push up into you and feel you push down on me at the same time, our bodies enjoying the sexual feelings.

As I hug you close to me your back is arched and your hips are rocking on me, taking my dick deep into you, stretching you as you rock back and forth on me. Your head is next to mine, and you’re kissing my ear and whispering to me those naughty sexual words that turn me on so much. You’re trying to get me to cum in you, to fill you with my hot jism as you ride my swollen dick that is deep in you. It is working because I feel it deep down inside of me, the need to cum as you ride me. I enjoy getting you off, and most of the time want to do it first however your orgasms are stronger if I fuck you some before getting you to cum for me.

The warm water and the feeling of you riding me has become overwhelming and I feel down deep inside of me the orgasm building out of control. I feel you kissing my neck then my ear and now I can no longer control my orgasm and feel that first pulse of cum being pumped into my cock shaft then that pulse of pleasure as the cum spurts from the head of my dick deep into you. You feel my cock throbbing so deep in you and grind down on me wanting to feel those spurts of my hot cum deep in your cunt. You keep moving on me until my body goes limp, that totally drained feeling of having shared with you my love juices so deep within you.

Your arms around me, we hold each other for a while, my dick semi hard, still in you enjoying you. We move so both of us can see out and find the snow falling harder, the lights of Asheville twinkling in the back ground. I love making love to you in the water. I move us to the center of the tub and spread your legs open, your right arm around my neck, most of you is floating in the water. I kiss you and at the same time slip my right hand between your legs and spread my hand out in the middle of your lower back and draw you to me. I feel your pussy on my forearm I know once your fucked your pussy and clit becomes more sensitive to touch. I feel you moving your hips, riding my forearm, I let my hand slip down onto your ass cheeks and squeeze them, my fingers slipping into your crack and teasing you.

You know I love this part, your orgasm and I most especially love you in the water like this, open and suspended for me. Your anticipation of my touch is felt on my neck as you kiss it, making my dick surge with the pleasure. Your totally open for me now and as my fingers move down across the end of your spine and find your backdoor, you gasp at the touch. My finger rests on your opening, teasing you then I hear you say “don’t tease it, do it if your going to”, my finger remains firmly in place and your mouth finds mine and your tongue darts into my mouth, then my lips, I press my finger harder on your opening and I feel you begin to open for me. I move my finger slightly back and forth causing you to open and close for me. Our kiss becomes one of excessive passion as I tease your ass. You put your hand on the side of my face and look me in the eyes and say “you bastard, do it to me”. I hug you closer to me and let my finger slip towards your pussy, teasing that very sensitive space between your ass and pussy until I feel my finger find the edge of your pussy opening.

My finger, pressed just inside of your pussy, stretches you as it hooks just in your opening and then I hear you say “oh fuck you son of a bitch, do me with your fist”. I love the dirty talk and move my hand around and press my thumb deep into your pussy and you gasp as I press my thumb against your g spot and rub it back and forth. Now you are talking to me telling me all about the feelings between your legs, some softly in my ear other times loud to express the sensations your feeling. My middle finger finds your ass and begins pressing on it as my thumb is firmly planted in you and is moving about in you.

Your body is moving wanting more, your hips moving on my hand and I can feel your pussy grasping at my thumb and most especially I feel your juices on my thumb and then feel it flowing out onto my hand and into the water. Your moving about has helped accept my middle finger into your ass and as it slips slowly into you, I begin to draw my two fingers together inside of you until they touch together sending sparks though out your body.

I get some of the very best orgasms from you like this, some of the forbidden warmth of my finger in your ass, some of the feeling of your love pit with my thumb pressed firmly in you, I move my arm from around your back and use my fingers to spread your pussy lips open further then use a finger to tap on your clit. My fingers that are in you begin to move slightly in and out of your pussy and ass, my fingers still pressed together inside of you, fucking your ass and pussy with my fingers and the tapping on your clit has the most delightful results, your out of control, thrashing about, my fingers tighten inside of you and hold you firmly while my other hand keeps your lips open and accepting the attention of a finger lightly touching your clit in a tapping motion.

I can tell what it is doing to you, your clit has become almost hard like a small cock standing up and each time my finger tip touches it I hear you say “oh”. About every tenth tap on your clit I use two fingers to grasp your clit by the sides and roll it gently between my fingers. I love to feel the urethra with my fingers and massage it when your excited. Your breathing is rapid as my finger returns to tapping on your clit, and I feel you bury your face against my chest. I feel you arch your back then you say “you’re a fucking tease”.

My fingers inside of you moving slightly in and out, almost like fucking you except inside my fingers are pressed together, my other hand tapping on your clit and I can feel it getting firmer with each touch. I want to hold you there and then return to the climb to the peak so I wrap my finger down under your clit and hold my hand firmly in place. I can feel your muscles clinching my fingers inside of you so I press very hard into you and feel your reaction and hear you say “are you going to fuck me again, oh god I hope so, I want you to fuck me again please.”

My finger returns to tapping on your clit and within seconds I feel that muscle reaction then your body moving on my fingers so I hold my hand rigid and let you ride it. My fingers go deeper than I would push them before, my finger now resting on the tip of your clit teasing it, your body moving to get away from the touch as your sexual parts become super sensitive to touch.

You grab my neck and hold me very tight, it sounds like your crying, sobbing as your body jerks about. I slowly release my fingers inside of you and let you move on them until they slip out of you. My other hand holding your lips open, still feeling the spasms, I place the palm of my hand over your clit and hold you. Your breathing reveals your pleasure. Your face is pale, your mouth dry, your body is still reacting to the spasms as I put my arms around you and draw you close to me and hold you. Now is the time to feel the love we share between each other.

Looks like I need to make this into parts, so I will start working on part 2 as time permits. I already know what to put in it, just need the time to do it.



January Part 2

The evening has been one of enjoyment, the teasing, making love to each other and the times of just holding each other and feeling our warmth blend together. Watching the snow fall as we made love in the warm water was an extraordinary sensation for us.

I get the towels and have you step out of the Jacuzzi and dry you. As I pat you dry, you press back against me and put the back of your head on my shoulder and look up at me and say “I need more, I am so wet from you touching me in the water, I have to have more PLEASE”. The way you say it turns me on and my dick begins to pulse against the back of your leg. You feel my dick getting hard and you look up at me and smile and say “you’re going to give me some more, aren’t you”? The thoughts of you wanting me makes me that much harder.

I have a feeling that I want to just take you, bend you over and fuck you as hard as I can for as long as I can, my dick is now so hard it hurts and you have my balls in your hand teasing me, trying to drive me to take you. You know how to push my buttons, to get the type of reaction from me you want, those times when you want to be taken, other times you want to make love slow and deliberate.

I take you to the hand rail next to the Jacuzzi and have you bend over and spread your legs. My fingers find you very wet, almost dripping. I drop to my knees and begin kissing the cheeks of your ass, spreading them open and letting my tongue lick at your backside. You get quiet when I do this, but then I know how it affects you because one touch on your clit tells the story. I spread your cheeks further and let my tongue lick at your pussy opening, I hear you say “oh fuck it”. My dick is throbbing, knowing what pleasure awaits me and I tell you “yeah I am going to fuck you with my hard dick and make your pussy scream with pleasure as I fuck you hard.”

My face is covered with your juices as I kiss up and down the backs of your legs and then into your pussy to get it wet again. I sense your orgasm is rising with my tongue attention between your legs. I stand and feel my dick slip between your legs, the warmth of you, you bent over and I know I can now take what I want and give you something you want. I stop when I look over your back and see the snow falling very heavy now.

I am holding your hips ready to plough deep into you and say “how would you like to be fucked in the snow”. You’re response is “fuck yes lets do it.” I take you by the hand and lead you to the glass door leading out onto the deck. There must be 5-6” of snow on the deck. That cold air hits our bodies and at first I am thinking “what the hell am I doing here”. We move to the railing and I have the idea that I am going to have you bend over and I am going to take you from behind. You turn and put your arms around my neck, pressing your breasts against my chest, the warmth of our bodies together felt good.

In my ear, you whisper “I love you”, then you drop to your knees and take my still throbbing cock into your mouth. The sensation is so overwhelming, I have to catch myself from falling to my knees. That feeling of your warm mouth on my very sensitive member and the subfreezing temperatures all around me sent a tingling sensation up and down my back. Your hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling me towards your mouth made my dick that much more sensitive.

You look up at me and smile and say “now fuck me with that dick”. Oh yes, I want you so much I push you back on the snow and take your legs and put them on my shoulders and without looking, drive my hard dick between your legs and it slips easily into you. I see your mouth come open and you say “OH FUCK YES, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK MY SWEET PUSSY, TAKE ME, TAKE ME.”.

I am no longer in control, my dick controls me now, wanting to fuck you, wanting to feel that release of cum so deep in you. My body doesn’t feel the cold wind on us, all I feel is the warmth of your pussy surrounding my cock as I drive hard and deep into you repeatedly. I thought I would cum right away with all the teasing and sucking, maybe it was the cold surrounding the rest of my body but I kept fucking you until I hear you beginning to cum. I feel your muscle spasms on my dick as the repeated pounding down into you brings you to orgasm. Feeling you cum like this has always had a special meaning to me. I bend to kiss you passionately as you peak, my body still driving hard into you. Your breathing seems like it is out of control as I fuck you.

My orgasm is different than most I have, it is building slowly which makes me drive that much harder into you and I hear you say “oh god yes I love it, don’t stop”. I seem to be like a machine in the cold air, I can’t get enough of you, my cock is so hard it hurts, my orgasm continues to build, my balls are drawn up to me wanting to release my cum deep in your pussy.

I feel the flood of warmth from your orgasm on my dick as I fuck you and feel it leaking out around my dick as we fuck together. I can’t seem to get enough of you and continue fucking you and then you say “oh god, you’re going to make me cum again, you fucker don’t stop.” My dick has begun to tingle from all the fucking and then you cum on me again and again that flood of hot juices from your orgasm.

Your body is twisting and turning, your legs thrashing about as I realize this orgasm you’re having right now is more than the usual orgasm because I see tears in your eyes and running down your cheeks. I know if you’re hurting you would tell me, I drive that much harder into you, our bodies slamming together out there in the snow.

The head of my dick is now so sensitive it hurts but I can’t stop and push harder and harder into you and then all of a sudden I feel the head of my dick flare out and enlarge and feel the first of several spurts of hot cum against the bottom of your cunt. You feel it too and say “oh fuck yes, give me every last drop of your love juices’. The orgasm is so intense, I collapse on top of you.

I don’t know what happens for how long, but the next thing I feel is your hands on my back holding me, then the cold, oh the cold on my body. That orgasm was as if it pulled my entire body through the head of my dick when I shot my load deep in you. After what seems like an eternity, I am able to get up and back into the house.

We immediately go into the Jacuzzi to warm up. You snuggle to me in the warm water, put your arms around my neck and I feel your hand caressing my balls and dick. You take my face in your hands and say to me “damn that was good, what happened to us?” We hold each other for a while and then I get out and make us some hot chocolate. We sip the hot chocolate while in the Jacuzzi and after a short while move to the bedroom and bed.

It doesn’t take much to fall asleep together.

This is the end of Part 2

January Part 3

We are usually up early making love however this morning both of us sleep through early and about 9 a.m. I feel you snuggling next to me as I awake. Your warmth behind me feels good and then I feel you kissing my back and shoulders. After last night, that fuck in the snow, was extra ordinary and fulfilling. I feel you touching my side with your fingers, teasing me, I feel my dick harden from the touches.

I roll out of bed and turn on the Jacuzzi and coffee maker and return to you. The snow isn’t falling this morning. It is 35 outside, clear blue sky and white snow everywhere. I am totally naked, the house is about 68 and when I return to our bed, you stretch out your arms and I fall into them, kissing you and feeling you touching my back. You roll onto your side and I snuggle in behind you. I love feeling you like this, kissing your neck and ears, you press back against me. I hold a tittie in my hand, feeling it, how warm it is and how soft it is and wondering why those feelings create such a sexual arousal within me. I let my fingers tease your nipple, not rubbing it or squeezing it but just resting my finger on your nipple creates sexual arousal in you.

In a very quiet voice, you say “god last night was absolutely fantastic, that orgasm in the snow was so intense and you didn’t want to stop, you just kept fucking me and fucking me like you were never going to stop”. A kind of pride filled me, a feeling that I pleased you is so very overwhelming, I draw you as close as I can to me and hug you tight.

We lay together, without saying anything, for a while then fall asleep. About 30 minutes later I awake to the smell of coffee and get up and go to the kitchen. I am going to take coffee for us to the bed but then you come into the kitchen wearing one of my old button down long sleeve shirts. I am always turned on when I see you wearing one of my shirts, something about it that just sets me on fire. You come over to me and hug me from behind.

You ask if we can go into the Jacuzzi and drink the coffee, I am wondering why you’re asking that question, you know I would follow you into the Jacuzzi, no need to ask. Without saying anything, I walk with you to the Jacuzzi and I put the cups down on the side. I notice you walk to the glass door and look out across the mountains. I step up behind you and put my arms around you. I notice you look down where we had made love last night and then say “omg that was so good last night, screwing in that cold snow, I couldn’t believe how much you gave me”. I squeezed you tight to me but didn’t say anything, my dick stuck between your legs was telling my story.

I stepped back and got into the Jacuzzi, laid back and put my head on a pillow and closed my eyes. The warm water felt so good even though the house was warm, then I felt you stepping into the water. I wanted you to touch me, to reach down between my legs and feel my balls and tease my dick, to kiss me passionately and to rub your body against mine. For a few minutes, I just lay there, wondering what you were doing. I could feel the water moving around me as you moved but didn’t touch me like I was hoping would happen. My dick was semi-hard thinking about you, then without any notice, I felt you mouth slipping down onto my cock. Startled, I opened my eyes to see you under the water sucking me, your hands and fingers feeling my balls and teasing me. My semi-hard dick quickly became very hard and loving the attention you were giving it.

You didn’t seem to want to stop, coming up for air when you needed to you kept going back for more almost like you wanted it to cum for you. I tried to move to the edge of the Jacuzzi but you kept on and on sucking me. I finally managed to get up on the edge and sit down. Your face and hair soaking wet and then your eyes looking up at me almost like your asking if I am enjoying what your doing to me.

It is obvious your intent on making me cum because your doing all the things you know makes me lose control and blow my load of hot jism. I take your head in my hands and begin to fuck your mouth, quite often this turns you on. Within a few minutes I feel my orgasm and just as I feel it is going to spurt out of the head of my dick, I pull out of your mouth and the cum spurts all over your chest and titties. Your hands are milking my dick and then you suck the last drops of cum from the head of my dick, sending spasms throughout my body from the pleasure.

You rub the cum all over your tits and look up at me and say “now, come fuck me like you have never fucked me before, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, just fuck me NOW.” My cock is still throbbing from the blow job and I want to fuck you hard and not in the water. I get a quilt and put it on the floor next to the glass door where the sun is now shining in on the floor and put you face down on the quilt. You turn and look at me and ask “are you going to ass fuck me?”. I don’t say anything and put your legs together tight and rub some massage oil all over my dick and slip it between your cheeks. At first I probe your ass with my dick, making you open for me but not going into you. Then I move forward some and feel my dick slip into your pussy. Oh, your so wet and warm.

My dick makes your pussy open up as the head slips into you and then you say “oh you want to fuck my pussy…then a pause and you say oh yes god fuck me, fuck me like you fucked me last night in the snow, c’mon fuck my pussy, fuck it, fuck it, do me like last night”. Oh fuck, I was so turned on, I pressed so hard down on you, you screamed. I feel my cock stretching you as I push down. I want to find the right angle to fuck you hard and fast so I can do it for a while without stopping. I keep moving forward on you until I find that position that lets me rock back and forth without stress on my back and begin fucking you with a constant rhythm. Harder and faster than normal, the slapping sound of my body hitting the cheeks of your ass, has a very sensuous sound to me.

You push your ass up some to meet me, I hear the sounds of your orgasm building and feel it on my dick as I continue to fuck you. The wetness tells all about what I am doing to you and then suddenly, you burst into orgasm. I feel the gush of juices over my dick that continues to fuck you so hard. From listening to you, the orgasm was a good one, but I don’t stop.

I can tell the constant fucking at the angle I am driving into you is having the desired affect on you. You are trying to move from under me, moving your legs apart then back together, my body continues at the constant pace, fucking your wet cunt. I am listening to you, the sounds of a very good orgasm, the pleasures being expressed in a few words, muttered sometimes under your breath, sometimes almost screaming at me.

I feel your body go limp under me and at first I wonder if I should stop. I need more of you and continue to drive my hard dick down into you. Soon I feel the wetness turn almost to a flood and at first a deep guttural sound from deep within you then a very loud “oh fuck me, fuck my cunt.. I am going to cum on you again, fuck me don’t stop”.

I use my fingers to spread your cheeks open and watch as my dick slips in and out of you. My fingers take some of the juices from my cock as it moves in and out of you and spread it around on you, teasing your ass. Then I feel that first spasm and your body jerks and your pussy clings to my cock, almost like milking it. The spasms surrounding my cock are to much for me and the sight of my dick fucking you pushes me over the edge and soon I feel my balls draw up and then that first pulse of pleasure then feeling the pleasure flow down my shaft and knowing it is filling your cunt, my body thrusts into you with reckless abandon, wanting the pleasure and getting it as I realize your body is thrashing about on the quilt feeling similar pleasures.

With the last drop in you, my cock is tingling from the hard fuck and my body is trying to recover, to breath, my heart is racing, the smell of sex is overwhelming, I bend forward on top of you, pressing my dick into you one last time, you raise your ass to meet my thrust. For a couple of minutes I just lay there, then roll off of you and lay my head in the middle of your back. I listen to your heart beat, my hand is feeling the cheeks of your ass and the spasms still affecting your body.

I slip my hand between your legs and feel how wet you are, my cum leaking out of you, my fingers touches your clit and your body jerks from the feelings of being touched on that very sensitive part right now.. I slip 2 then 3 fingers into your pussy and feel how warm your are, then a finger onto your clit, you jerk again, I leave the finger on the tip of your clit and feel your hips moving to my touch. A slight twitch of pressure on the clit and I realize I can get you off again. Not moving my finger other than slight pressure from time to time, you have another orgasm, this one I can’t hold you and you move away from me, closing your legs so I can’t touch you. Right now I would love to eat you, lick your clit, but you will have no part of it.

We move to the Jacuzzi and I get the coffee warmed and return and slip into the water with you. I am hungry and so are you. We decide to spend a little time in the Jacuzzi then go into Asheville and get a light lunch. We are invited to a party tonight at a home in Biltmore Estates. If you have never been to Biltmore or the Estates, it is a stuff shirt community, with maids and butlers. Since the party includes alcohol, we will be picked up by limo and returned home by limo so we don’t have to drive.

I am exhausted, trying to keep up with you. I am hoping we find some help at the party tonight.

Looks like it is a good time to stop and think about part 4.


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