In the dark..........  

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In the dark..........


It is Saturday morning, it is cold outside. Your body feels so warm next to me, I watch you sleep and wish you were awake to snuggle with me. As I lay there, my mind remembers last night, the several hours of making love to each other and the shower afterwards. You are always so soft, yet hard when you want to be, always so innocent unless you want to be a slut, always so willing unless you want to play hard to get, always teasing unless you want to be taken.

I get up and fix us breakfast and as I am putting everything on a tray to take it to the bedroom, I notice you are up and moving about in the bedroom. You walk out and see the tray and smile, put your arms around me and kiss me passionately. We sit and drink coffee and eat our breakfast together. I am always amazed at how sexy you are in the mornings. There seems to be some glow about you that attracts me to you each morning.

This evening we have an invitation to a party at Ben and Kate’s. Their parties are usually a lot of fun, somewhat sexy however not usually wide open sex. Tonight’s theme is “In the dark”. We are supposed to wear dark clothes to this party. We talk about going out and getting you a sexy black dress for the party. We have talked about looking for a cutout bra for you and tonight would be a perfect time to wear such a bra. We decide that we will go looking after lunch today.

We clean up the kitchen together, teasing each other until we are going to have to make love to each other to relieve the tension. I want you on the dining table however need something more comfortable. I lead you to the couch in the living room and I have you lay on it. The housecoat you’re wearing falls open and I look you up and down. You always seem to enjoy me looking at you. You can see the effect it has on me and you smile seeing the bulge in my shorts. It’s a good feeling, feeling my dick get hard looking at you, knowing how you enjoy taking care of my sexual needs. I know I certainly enjoy fulfilling your sexual needs and if I can’t I can find others willing to help see that you are fulfilled.

One thing I love doing with you is using the mink mitt on you. It is so silky and running it over your body sends chills throughout my body. Feeling your breasts with it turns me on so much sometimes I can’t wait and you agree to take care of me then I can finish with the mitt. I love to withhold touching between your legs with the mitt until you can no longer stay still and begin asking and sometimes begging to be touched there. I love to tease, love to bring you up near orgasm and let you float there until I am ready to take you over the top.

This morning I don’t want to make you wait for release and begin working my way down your body with the mitt. As I use the mitt to follow the creases in your legs and tummy, your hips begin to move as the mitt teases you. Onto your tummy then your mound, I press gently and feel you take a deep breath as I use the mitt to move across your pussy lips. I need you to cum for me and use two fingers to open you up so another finger can very gently touch your clit. You are wet to the touch, my finger resting on your clit not moving. Your hips move wanting more, wanting to feel my finger move on you. I let my finger slip into you pussy and get wet and I slowly move it back to your clit, drawing with it your juices. I feel your clit responding to the stimulation and use my finger again to dip into your pussy and get wet and then slowly move up onto your clit. Now your hips are jerking about so I know I need to bring you to climax. I begin to tap lightly on your clit and with each tap it brings you closer to orgasm. I change hands so I can use two fingers to spread you open and use my middle finger to tap on you. With the other hand I use two fingers to slip into you and curve them so they are on your spot inside. I feel the immediate reaction and a flood of juices on my fingers and then that familiar jerk of your hips as you orgasm for me. I press my fingers and hand hard into you and let you move your hips on them. I keep your lips spread but stop tapping and just watch your clit as the orgasm consumes your body. For me seeing and feeling you have an orgasm is one of the best feelings I could possibly have, unless of course it is feeling my own orgasm, but if I had my choice I would rather experience you having your orgasm.

I have been kneeling next to the couch and as you come down from your orgasm, you roll off of the couch and push me back onto the floor and straddle me. You waste no time and quickly impale yourself on my manhood. That warm sensation of you surrounding me is always breathtaking and today is no exception. I always enjoy seeing you on top of me, I love to watch your breasts rise and fall as you ride me, I love to reach up and take them in my hands and feel your nipples as my cock is deep in your pussy. You are leaning back, eyes closed and saying “don’t cum in me, stop me before you cum”. You’re grinding on my dick and watching you enjoying the dick in you get to me pretty quickly and you feel my dick get harder and know you better stop soon and you get off of me. For a few minutes you lay you head on my chest and just hold my balls and press gently at the base of my shaft to control my orgasm.

You have brought me as close to orgasm as you could possibly get with it spurting cum. As soon as the pulsing in my dick goes down some you begin to suck it and soon I am back to near orgasm again. I need to cum, my balls begin to ache and you continue to bring me to the edge and let me down until I hear you say “are you ready”. My answer is a thrust up into you mouth as you suck me. This time you don’t stop and as I feel that sensation deep within me, you take my cock in your hand and hold it straight up and watch as the cum spurts straight up into the air. You squeal with delight and stroke my shaft with your hand knowing another spurt of cum will be shooting out of my dick. This time you run your hand over the tip of my dick as I spurt and then rub the cum along my shaft and begin stroking me until the intense pleasure turns to pain and I have to pull away.

I roll over onto my side and draw my legs up into the fetal position enjoying the orgasm. I feel you behind me, feeling my cock and balls from behind and then feel you sucking me. Oh god, that intense pleasure returns as you suck hard then I hear you say “fuck me; I want you to fuck me now”. Oh fuck, my dick is still hard and throbbing from the orgasm so I push you over onto your back and you grab your ankles and spread open for me. I kneel between your legs and my cock hangs down and slips into you. I press down hard and grind some into you and then hear you say “fuck it, fuck my cunt now.” The dirty talk drives me and I fuck you so hard I can feel your pussy stretching from the angle I am driving into you. I fuck you until I am totally exhausted and I feel you having an orgasm as I fuck you.

Still together we roll over onto our sides and fall asleep there on the floor in front of the couch.

This ends part 1.


We awake around 11 a.m. and get ready to go out for lunch. After lunch we set out to find a sexy black dress and a cutout bra for you. At first we go to the mall and look around at the various stores including Fredrick’s lingerie store. They have a bra made of lace that was intriguing but wouldn’t do what I am looking for. Neither of us sees a dress that is what we are looking for so we go to an adult store. The first one doesn’t have much in clothing, mostly videos and video booths, some with glory holes.

As we are getting ready to leave, a clerk asks if we need any help. We tell her we are looking for a black dress like the one she is wearing. She smiles and tells us where we can find a dress like hers and others like it. We ask about a cut out bra and she tells us they have those also that we should ask for Mona when we get there.

It isn’t far and when we arrive we ask for Mona. A very nice looking lady emerges from the stock room and we tell her what we are looking for in a dress. This store has quite a selection of dresses, all of which seem to be sexy and inviting. Mona shows us several dresses all of which would be perfect for you anytime. The dress for tonight needs to be easy access on the top. Mona smiles as I tell her what we are looking for and takes us to a dressing room and brings several dresses. The first neither of us likes however the second is very nice. I want to see you walk around in the dress so we step outside and Mona smiles and says “very sexy on you, how do you feel wearing it”. I see the smile on your face and you say “oh very sensual”. Mona follows us back into the dressing room and looks you over and puts her hands up under your arms and follows the dress down to your hips, following your curves. Mona says “it fits you nicely, would you like to try others like it.” Both of us say yes and Mona disappears for a moment and returns with two other dresses. While Mona was gone you slipped out of the dress and were naked when she returned. Mona held one dress out for you to try on and hung the other up. This dress was absolutely stunning on you and again Mona felt down your sides to your hips. We wanted the dress and asked Mona if it was ok if you wore the dress from the store. Mona smiled and said “no problem, do you need a bra and panties to wear with it?” You smiled and said “no thanks”. Mona smiled and said “fantastic, love it”.

As we were leaving the dressing room I asked Mona if they had cut out bras. She turned and smiled and told us she would bring several for us to look at. Mona soon returned with a whole arm load of bras. Lace, leather, latex and rope bras she had with her. For now the rope was out. I explained I am looking for a bra for you that has a cut out of just the right size to make your nipple and breast protrude into an elongated shape through the cut out. Another requirement was it had to be soft and sensuous if that was possible. Mona smiled and disappeared for a moment and returned with a tape measure. Mona had you remove the dress and I hung it up. Mona began measuring your breasts and making notes. I didn’t realize it took so much measuring to get a bra that fits you. I kept thinking, damn I need a job like that, measuring breasts all day, hell I would do it for nothing.

Mona disappears and returns with a leather bra which fits you perfectly and makes your breasts protrude just like what I want for you. You enjoy it and smile and say “oh yes I love it.” I tell Mona we will take it and Mona says you need to try the latex bra. I wasn’t so sure about the latex at first but then when I saw you in it and felt it on you; we had to get it too. Mona showed me how to put it on you and get the most of you through the cut out. Mona was enjoying touching your breasts and I could tell you were enjoying the attention too. I knelt in front of you and took one of your breasts in my hand. The latex so warm and smooth on you and I took your protruding breast into my mouth. It was protruding just the right amount so my mouth could take it in and then suckle on it. Mona stood and watched as I sucked your tit deep into my mouth. When I let go I had pulled more of you through the cut out and your breast was nice and pink where I had sucked it. Mona says “oh god I bet that feels good”.

As we check out, you give Mona our telephone number, to see if maybe we could get together sometime or go out together. Mona says she would love it and will call us. As we are getting into the car, I am holding the door open for you and you put your arms around my neck and kiss me, then whisper in my ear “take me home, I am hot, wet and need you to want me right now”. I am already aroused and the invitation makes for much more increased sexual tension as we drive home.

When we get home, I open the garage and drive in and close the door. I get out and walk around and open your door. You look up at me with those sexy eyes and say “fuck me right now”. You don’t have to say it twice, I take you by the hand and help you out of the seat and as you stand I spin you around so I am behind you. I take your breasts in my hands and feel them and kiss your neck and ear. My hands raise the black dress up around your waist and I bend you over. My hand slips between your legs and spreads you slightly and I feel how wet and hot you are. I unzip my pants and take out my swollen dick and rub it between your cheeks until it is soaking wet. I press the head into you slightly and take your hips in my hands and plunge hard into you. I hear you take a deep breath and then say “oh yes do it to me, take me”. You are tight on my dick as I piston in and out of you and I hear the sounds of pleasure coming from you.

I fuck you until I am ready to burst and then withdraw from you. You protest loudly and say “fill me; I want to feel it in me”. I drop to my knees, use my thumbs to spread your cheeks open and plunge my tongue as deep into your pussy as I can get it, then licking all around your opening and teasing your clit with my tongue. It isn’t long and I have you cumming for me, all over my face then I stand and drop my pants and slip back into you, thrusting deep into you until I feel the cum spurting from my dick deep in you. You feel it too and push back against me wanting more.

I am so drained it is very difficult to stand after that orgasm. You stand and I slip out of you and the dress slips back down. You bend down and pull my pants up so I can walk into the house. We go to the bedroom and both of us flop onto the bed after you have removed the dress and hung it up and I undressed. We hold each other and talk about today’s experiences and about the party tonight. We won’t need to fix supper, the party is early enough and usually they have very good food so we relax until time to get ready to leave for the party at 7.

End of Part 2

In the Dark Part 3

Both of us have been looking forward to Ben and Kate’s party. Usually the parties are subtle and sensuous gatherings of Ben and Kate’s friends. We arrive a little after 7 to find about a half dozen couples already there. As we enter we are greeted by Kate, our hostess who has a bag of checkers. Kate explains if we draw a black chip, we are submissive and if we get a red chip, we are aggressive.

Kate and Ben always are very informal and tonight is no exception. Food is spread out over several tables, all types of meat, seafood, vegetables, salads like a buffet only better. We spend about an hour mingling and eating supper then Ben announces that we might want to look around the house, which is huge and get acquainted. One of the requests is that we keep moving and not stand in one spot very long. It is kind of like musical chairs because when the lights go out, for us sub missives we have to remain in one place while the aggressors find us.

After we got home this afternoon, we decided you shouldn’t wear the bra tonight with the black dress. You look radiant this evening, so sexy and inviting. I see the guys and ladies looking you over as we check out the house. No one knows when the lights will go out so we move around, stopping to chat with others as we go.

Ben and Kate know we always play together so we won’t be separated tonight. I have your hand as we move about the house. You are so inviting this evening I want to take you into a dark room and make love to you. When we hold hands there is this communications between our bodies that keep both of us excited for each other. We notice that by 8 p.m. there are about 15 couples here now.

We are in one of the hallways by ourselves when the lights go out. It is totally dark and both of us lean back against the wall to see what will happen. We can hear laughter in another room but we aren’t sure where it is coming from, then we hear the rustle of clothing and I hear you gasp and your hand squeezes my arm. I hear that familiar moan from you and I know someone is touching you in the right places. I want to find out what is happening to you and reach out to find the top of your dress is now around your waist and two heads are sucking on your nipples.

Then I feel a hand on my inner thigh just above my knee. I let my hand slip down your side and discover the dress is entirely up around your waist and there are two hands between your legs and you are spreading for them. Now I want you badly, I want to feel you surround my dick with your hot wet pussy and enjoy your treasures. The hand on my leg now begins to unzip my pants and I feel overcome as my pants fall to the floor and fingers begin teasing my balls and shaft.

I hear a gasp and then realize it is me, responding to the touches between my legs and how hard my manhood has become. I feel hair being rubbed all over my dick, teasing me so much my whole body quivers with excitement. I feel lips on mine and a tongue teasing my lips. I manage to reach out and find your hand and squeeze it. Your hand leads my hand to between your legs where there is a head licking you. I feel someone take one of your fingers and suck it then suck my finger. My cock throbs now as I feel it being kissed up and down then without warning, the warmth of it being sucked almost brings me to my knees. Whoever is sucking me must sense that I am going to cum soon if they keep up the sucking like that. Whoever it is smells very nice as they stand and press against me in the dark. I feel breasts with my hands and bend some to suck them. I get moans from this person as I squeeze the breast making the nipple protrude and then I suck on it. I can feel the nipple extend and get very firm in my mouth as my tongue licks at it.

My hand finds its way between her legs and I discover she is shaved, very very wet and sensitive to touch. I slip my thumb into her and wrap my hand around her inner thigh and push hard up into her. She moans very deeply and I press harder and she jerks back away from me. My grip on her leg tightens and my thumb is forced deeper into her along with part of my hand. She is very wet, my entire hand is very wet with her juices.

My hand is locked in this lady so she can’t get away from me. She keeps moving on my hand almost like fucking it. My other hand reaches out to see if you are close by and I discover you are pinned against the wall and the guy has one of your legs pulled up and he is trying to enter you, rubbing his dick across your openings. I want to watch but it is so dark I can’t see anything.

The lady I have my hand in cums for me and I release her. I thought maybe she would move away to recover from the orgasm however she gets me to lay on the floor and the next thing I know she has squatted onto my manhood, impaling herself fully. She is grinding her hips into me; taking my cock fully and I feel her and find she has sat on me backwards. Then I feel her pressing my balls up against her clit as she moves on me. My dick stiffens and she feels it and squeals with delight as I thrust up into her.

I feel you next to me as I reach out looking for you. I discover your holding your ankles and then realize you’re being eaten by this guy and as I listen I know your cumming for him. I am almost overwhelmed by the pussy riding my dick but what turns me on the most is now I hear you taking his cock deep in your cunt. That familiar sound that I enjoy so much listening to you enjoying being fucked by a nice hard cock.

I wasn’t distracted to long because the lady bouncing up and down on me now had my complete undivided attention, totally consuming my senses as she rode me wildly. She kept sliding back and forth on me until I felt a large release of juices within her onto my cock and heard her sounds of ecstasy as she had a very wild orgasm on my swollen dick. With her excitement and the orgasm on my dick, I can’t hold back anymore and thrust up into her as my dick spurts hot cum deep into her. I hear her say “oh fuck yes, give me every drop of it.”

As I regain some of my presense, I realize your being fucked very hard. I roll onto my side and take your face in my hands and kiss you. I recognize the sounds of you nearing orgasm as he fucks you. I hold your face in my hands and say “cum for me baby, cum for me while this unknown dick is fucking your pussy”. I kiss you lightly and then you say “oh god yes, I am going to cum on his dick”. This guy is fucking you so hard your entire body is jerking violently as he bangs into you and then your outcry of pleasure as you cum. I hear him grunt and know he is filling you with his hot cum and I take your face in my hands and kiss you as I know your pussy is being filled with his hot jism.

Almost as quickly as they arrived and found us they disappeared. Both of us are lying there on the floor naked as the lights come on. We look around and there is no one close to us so we dress and move into the living room. Everyone is mingling as if nothing has happened.

We try to decide who was with us but have no clue except for her smell. About 1 a.m. we thank our hosts and leave for home. At home we chat some and fall asleep together.

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