what a great day  

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12/30/2006 9:06 pm
what a great day

I had the day off at the grocery store today because I was supposed to be throwing pottery down at the studio, but the studio is closed between Christmas and New Years... Ah thus a real day off!

I read this morning as usual, then drove down to St. Louis. Stopped at my usual clay supply store, then to a gallery further west in MO in St Charles. The foundry has 2 gallery spaces in the main floor, then working studios up above. Watercolours in one studio, high school work in the other, then lovely windowed studios were you can see what other people are working on. I'd made the rounds up stairs and was headed back to the stairs when I spotted a studio that was open, that hadn't been before. The artist, and a younger artist were busy making new shelves. The older fellow... a real codger had me pegged as a pottery the second I picked up a lid of a tea pot and looked underneith. Truely I think he was lonely or something because he talked for at least a half hour. A couple of times under my breath I said please go help the other fellow put up the shelves so I can look at your pots and decide which one (s) I wanted to buy. We talked lots about his history as a professor of ceramics, and of glazes. Interesting, but I had other things I wanted to do too... and I did want some of his pieces because they were sooo pretty. The younger fellow had some very nice crawly shino's but he really priced them too high so they stayed there! But I ended up with 3 lovely pieces anyway.

Then from there drove back towards my clay shop, and found the exit that would lead me to borders where as always with chain stores I was very disappointed. I love mom and pop stores and their intimacy where a chain store offers just a few books of what ever topic, and no cozy spots to sit and decide what you might like to buy with children milling around, one doesn't just open "the joys of lesbian sex" for fear of what the 2 bodies might be doing (ya know! ) Got a address book and a journal for this year. Then on to Art mart where I searched for and found a clay tool, and watercolour items. From there? oh yes U-City. Where one gallery was closed, and the other one well it was open, but nothing really shouted (oh my god that's pretty)... dinner at MoKobees where I asked about the old family book store... which well it had met it's demise too bad!

Then home. Spent too much money (more than what Dad had given me for my christmas pressent) but I had fun. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to share the day with someone with simular interests as my own. ah well can't have everything...

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